Gaming died with Shane Bettenhausen

- 1UP, 1UP Yours, and 1UP Show always sucked. It was just more bearable with Shane around.

- EGM used to be great but the quality of the magazine declined over time.

- This is just another joke thread.

SonOfABeep said:
Punch-Out!! and Bionic Commando this week!

The only reason I can see someone being disappointed in 1up without Shane is if they're one of those crazy PS3 cultist fans.
SonOfABeep said:
The answer lies in his devotion to Sony and this forum's general hard-on for anything the Playstation brand produces, quality or not.

I said it!

The bitterness and hate is strong with this one!
Earthpainting said:
Is he one of the Broken Pixels people? If so, what will happen to that show?
they recorded them playing a bunch of games in several goes, and just put them out every so often, which is why you'll see a recent episode with people who no longer work there. I think they ran out of Broken Pixels clips, too.
Ninja Scooter said:
Lets be honest. None of us care about video games anymore. Shane's presence on theweekly 1up podcast was us living our child like exuberence for video gaming vicariously through him, and now that that is gone we have nothing. The passion is gone. A new prince of Persia? Wow thanks who gives a fuck? Need for Spped and Tony Hawks pro rider no thanks you. Lets just realize this now.
:lol :lol

No! I give a crap about "Shane Bettenhausen"! ;)
Yeah I really miss his insightful dissections of games he played on 1UP Yours:
"Game X has really bad/great graphics."
"The art style in this game is so bad/great."
"This game is way too kiddy."
"Playstation 3"

I miss Shane on ListenUP :/
OP got it wrong. If anything this thread must be about Garnett fucking Lee. A premonition of the future and how utterly depressed I will be when he announces his departure from 1Up to Working Designs.