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God Of War 3 Has Gone Gold - Lots of Reviews Out Already



Game Information:

- No Load Screens/Installs
- 720p & 60FPS (not locked)
- 12+ Hours of Gameplay
- March 16th (US), March 18th (Australia), March 19th (EU), March 25th (Japan)


OPM review:

The latest issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine is in, and it's got the first review of God of War 3, giving Kratos' third outing a 9/10.

Is it better than the recent rip-off (but pretty bloody good) Dante's Inferno? Yes, says the review in issue 43 of OPM, and it even destroys the first two GoW games too.

"They fall a long way short of the series' long-awaited PS3 debut. Like, a really, really long way - this is on a scale PS3 has never known. It makes not only its predecessors seem small, but the competition too. Darksiders and even the very decent Dante's Inferno have nothing to compare with Kratos' almighty comeback," it reads.

So why a 9 and not a 10? "The game is inches from scoring 10/10, and it's only the familiarity of the core gameplay (standing on the shoulders of giants) that makes it feel less than the very, very best. But it's definitely the biggest, and if this is the finale (and the corpses littering the stage by the end of the game suggest it might be),
then God Of War III gives PlayStation's toughest hero the send-off he deserves," says the review.


PSM3 (a french magazine):

The french independant magazine gives (not the official) gives 20/20.

"Simply one of the best game of all time!"

"The intro scene of past you will remain paralyzed with pleasure to finally have been able to cross the eyes of Medusa the Gorgon. Forget the demo, you will almost pity, forget everything you saw until then, because even the great Nathan Drake (Uncharted) will falter. The god of war has hit all his power on the PS3 and after him there will be only chaos."


Console+ Review:

While its release is planned for mid-March, Consoles was fortunate to be able to test God Of War III directly at Santa Monica Studios, the birthplace of the hero bald most popular of the PlayStation. Once completed the adventure, the opportunity was given to them to talk to its creators, key scenes as the future of the saga.

God Of War III harvest a nice 19/20, the coveted title Console Gold, the test explaining: "Rarely in Console we had been closer to assign a perfect score in an action game, the last reference - not least - that is approaching our eyes was Resident Evil 4. ". Bonus Deluxe, double post dedicated to the god of war fill the fans happy!


OPM France:

God of War scores another 20 out of 20 in French Official PlayStation Magazine
. From the review : "With this masterpiece, Kratos enters in the Pantheon of the immortal heroes. An must have"


OPM Beneleux:

Deepack said:
It got 97%.

The highest score they have ever given to a game. FF XII, Uncharted 2 and Daxter for PSP got the same score.

I generally don't agree with their reviews, but I thought I'd let you guys know.

Haven't got the magazine myself but I'm trying to find out the pro's and cons. I'll keep you guys updated.

+ Best graphics they have ever seen
+ Epic, symphonic music

- Tried and true gameplay for the third time (no shit)
- Relativley short (about 10 hours)

Kinda lame-ass pro's and cons...


German Play3:

tarrod said:

-Breathtaking, almost perfect presentation
-Spectacular fighting-scenes and magic
-Well implemented and smart puzzles
-Epic Story about betrayal and revenge, twists included
-Breathtaking technical achievements, especially the visuals

-missing innovations
-sometimes confusing camera

Visuals 10 out of 10
Sund 10 out of 10

93 out of 100 overall

Editors opinion

"I was hyped about the game like a kid. After playing through the game in one session I can say: the waiting was worth it. The feel of gameplay is 100% God of War, similar to its predecessors - but a few steps more epic. You can`t count the jaw dropping moments on one hand. Some plattforming and jumping areas were slightly annoying sometimes and the Guitar Hero Minigame (WTF?) is a nice but not well implemented idea. This time there are no annoying balancing-parts. The level of gore and brutality isn`t a problem for me and the game is obviously no kids-stuff. My personal game of the Year. Buy it!"

"This game is a software-craftsmen Masterpiece. In comparrison with Dantes Inferno it becomes clear how unbelievable well this game is presented. Sorry, but compared to GoW, EAs hellride looks like a poorly made product build by amateurs. But again I have to say: God of War 3 is a very brutal and merciless game and shows that in very explicit ways. It fits perfectly to the character that Kratos is, but some elements may go to far. Overall, God of War 3 is the best game for the PS3 so far - the end. "


US Playstation Official Magazine:


GamePro (Germany):

Torrod said:
German GamePro review gave it a 92 out of 100

10 to 12 hours of Gameplay.
Lots of violence and gore

epic presentation
great voice-acting
epic soundtrack and sound-effects
the Titans
imaginative characters and story

Weak textures
bumpy Frame rate
imprecise controls while climbing

Editors Opinion
"God of War 3 isn`t a game, its an epic adventure"
"Who can resist when kratos rolls out his gyros"

More intoxicating than a Movie: Besides some minor technical failures the final of the Trilogy belongs to every Actiongame Fans Collection.

About the technical issues

"Technically God of War has two sides of a coin. Taking the Playstation 2 to its limits, the series has always been the ultimate showcase of its platform. The third installment is able to take your breath in some moments - especially the titan levels and some epic scenerys towards the end. But there are some dull and ugly parts as well. Dantes Inferno is devinitive more imaginative in some areas. Some ambient textures look very blurry watched from a near distance. The unsteady framerate in some areas is given what you see on the screen in these moments not comprehensible. in the end the positive impressions outweigh these minor faults. God of War 3 features an experience you will never forget. "

Thank you very much.




Game Informer:

This is an excerpt from the scans:

Finish the tale of Kratos in an unbelievably epic way.

The graphics and camera work are among the very best that gaming has to offer.

As always the music is excellent. The voice cast is a real surprise with the likes of Malcolm McDowell, Rip Torn and Kevin Sorbo.

Combat is fluid and responsive and the context sensitive sequences are even better without the buttons overlaid on top of the action.

You'll pounce from one explosive moment to the next as Kratos delivers the grim brand of justice to the denizens of Olympus.

First Reviewer:
When i first took up Kratos' blades back in 2005, i thought i was embarking on a simple quest for vengeance. After leaving a trail of bodies spanning four games and three systems, that quest has finally reached its end. Not even in my wildest dreams could i have imagined such a powerful, cinematic, and breathtaking conclusion to the saga of the Ghost of Sparta

Second Opinion:
God of War III is a whirlwind of violence that begins with relentless chaos and concludes with the most satisfying punch in video game history



NextGN writes: "I've never been this excited about reviewing a game before and, to be frank, I wasn't that excited about reviewing God of War III before I played it. I never really boarded the God of War III hype train – sure, I was looking forward to playing it and all, it just never really got me. With the abundance of button mashing hack n' slash games out on the market today I could have easily waited a lot longer for God of War III – but now that I've had the chance to play through it I take my words back – God of War III cannot come soon enough!"



We’ve come to expect a very high level of awesomeness when it comes to the graphics and sound of these kinds of titles, but even so, GoW III busts out a few key moments that will make even jaded gamers go “wow”. The music is simply cool, and entirely fitting (have I used the word ‘epic’ yet?). Voice acting? Well, Kratos sounds uniformly pissed off, Zeus sounds dastardly, and mere mortals sound helpless. This isn’t an Uncharted-level cast, but they’re consistent across the board.
And that’s that. If you have a PS3 and like action games, go buy this, or at least rent it. God of War III is polished from (severed) head to (bloodied) toe, and is an enjoyable, ridiculous experience perfect for the moments where you just want to switch your brain off.



IGN UK writes: "Amazingly, it's only been three years since God of War II shattered all preconceptions of what was possible on a then current-gen console. As anyone fortunate enough to get their hands on the still-unreleased-in-Europe God of War Collection will attest, it's not only one of the finest games of the PlayStation 2
era, it still holds its own, both technically and creatively, against virtually every game released since."

IGN writes: "After three years of development and three very long years of waiting, the end is finally upon us. God of War III marks the finale to Kratos' search for revenge and properly caps off a trilogy that ranks near the very top of the best action games ever list. Yes indeed, everything does come to a complete and decisive close by the end, and though it may not be the last that we've seen of the franchise, this really is the end of this tale. "

UK: 9.4 AU: 9.4 US: 9.3


G4TV writes: "It's a fun feeling when a game causes the player's mouth to involuntarily open in a slack-jawed expression -- hopefully hidden from any outside observer -- as one is caught up in the creativity on display. God of War III is an achievement on all levels. It immediately becomes the standard-bearer for the genre and a monumental conclusion to the series."



Kratos has successfully killed the God of War, Ares. He has challenged Zeus, the King of Gods, and lived. What's next? Well, take down all of Olympus, of course
. In the latest and final installment of the God of War trilogy, that's exactly what Kratos intends to do.



Exhilarating combat and an imposing sense of scale provide a fitting end to Kratos' saga.



Although I doubt you could count on Kratos to guide you through your Classics GCSE, it's hard to think of many other games that understand their source material as well as God of War. Sony's audience, like Homer's, is looking for the release that violent heroics can bring, an escape from drudgery into a vivid world where the emotions haven't been simplified so much as heightened.





Sure, we've already seen what Kratos is capable of, but this is the first time we've really seen what PlayStation 3
can do and thanks to Santa Monica
Studios there won't be a developer on the planet that isn't looking at what's been achieved here with envious eyes.



The highlights of this iteration are all in the technology; as potent and polished a hack-and-slasher as God of War 3 can be, the myth of its continuing relevance in design circles has worn thin. Series fans should and will invest
, as there's fundamentally nothing broken here that wasn't broken before, but don't come expecting a bold rebirth, and don't come expecting the game of the year. Kratos is a frequent visitor to the Underworld; perhaps it's time he stayed there.


The Telegraph:

God of War III is taking the word back for itself. You want to claim your game/film/novel is epic; you're going to have to go through Kratos, who will likely tear your arm off and beat you to death with the wet end, given that he's the angriest man in the history of everything. Nothing's more epic in this game than Kratos's grump.

But Sony Santa Monica makes a ruddy good try at outdoing it. It's the sheer visual scale of the thing, and from the very outset your jaw is pinned to the floor. The game picks up right from where God of War II left off, with Kratos ascending Mount Olympus in his bloodthirsty quest for revenge against his father, Zeus.



Debates over its final boss fight aside, God of War 2's ending made for good theater: Greek Kratos rode on the titan Gaia's back as she scaled Mount Olympus in pursuit of a gods vs. titans face-off with Zeus and friends. It served as a big cliffhanger -- literally or not, depending on your taste for puns -- which set up God of War 3 as the final game in the trilogy.



Still, as the orchestral score soars amid a city under assault from a flaming titan, while you simultaneously disembowel a centaur as lava and masonry rains down amid the chaos - it is easy to indulge God of War III, accept its gravitas and let Kratos' last struggle immerse you. There's no doubt that number three has reached this point as the natural culmination of the previous titles in the series, and as such it doesn't attempt anything radical or daring. What it does do, however, is to provide some of the most engrossing combat and visceral action the PS3 has to offer - presented expertly. Somehow, I think things might be looking quite good for Kratos. Vengeance, after all, is everything.



With the excellent noir-drama of Heavy Rain living up to expectations and Gran Turismo 5 also finally on the horizon, the console really seems to be hitting its stride.

Even with such stellar titles just around the corner though, expect God of War III to be the console's crown jewel for some time to come.

An absolute must-buy.



God of War III had a lot to live up to and big expectations to deliver on. Santa Monica Studios has delivered a topnotch experience and the best God of War title ever made. Though it doesn't evolve much from past titles, the experience and epic-ness the game delivers is just too good to pass up. Some of the battles with the gods are weak and lackluster, but when the whole game is nonstop action, it's hard to feel letdown at any point in your play-through. This is a game you'll go back to several times throughout the year and you'll continually be impressed by it. As it stands to this day, Kratos is the god of gaming in 2010.

(Editor's Note: The game was completed on God Mode (Normal) in 9:30 time. 25/36 trophies were collected equaling 51%.)



TLG Fan Caretaker Est. 2009
Only a 20/20 and not a 21/20? Game is a failboat sinking in the stinkocean sending out a B.O.M.B.A. signal asking for someone to help


Second said:
Great scores.
This should be the GOWIII reviews thread.

The PSM3 sounds so hyperbole. :lol

Quotes above are from IGN UK. These comments, and the comments from Nowgamer from the other day might indicate that several outlets will hop on the hyperbole train. :D Lulz, Y2Kev.


Some translations from the psm3 review:

When the god of Video games makes your wish come true.
In the end there will only be chaos. Ruins, noise and fury, a world obliterated by the mighty power of a god, there is nothing left.
Only tears of joy remaining from a gamer,who, for about twelve hours of his life; would have gon on through one of the most intense experience of his entire life.
God Of War III Just exceeded our expectations taking you on a uper level you' ve never seen before.
Every moment, every scene was created so that there is no place for mediocrity. If perefection does exist. This title is the virtual incarnation of it.
As if Santa Monica made a call for a divine help.
Everything feels passionate.until the deep pores of the skin of a kratos perefctly modeled and animated by the hand of the mighty creator.
technically it is nirvana. extreme fluidity, beautiful lens flare effect, amazing lighting, textures, powerful bump mapping effect, astonishing reflections. Nothing has been spared.
Just only few minutes after the intro sequence you'll be stoned.

On the gameplay side, everything. every sequences are diversified and original and are chained like in an awaken dream.
We could play sequences like in echocrome, musical trips ala " Orgue Hero ". Riding sequence which would put Shadow Of The COlossus to shame.
Chasing sequence like in Assassin's Creed 2, Puzzles like in Portal and something similar to Ico.
Each boss fights are spectacular one from another and every time you achieved one of them you 're saying yourself " is that possible ? ".

Scans of the...
Edit, never mind!! :D


Licorice-flavoured booze?
eh? a 9?, that's me out if it's getting under a 100% in reviews already.

As if :p, I can't wait to rage with Kratos again !


Has anybody actually come out and said that it looks 'X' times better than what was released on the demo? Because the demo still looks Awesome.


Blueblur1 said:
A 20 point scale? Seriously? Ha.
IGN has a 100 point scale.

Gamespot has a 20 point scale. They're both just numbered differently.

0-10 by .1 = 100 possible scores
0-10 by .5 = 20 possibele scores.

It's so ridiculous. Going to 5 by 1 is the way to go, IMO.

Anyway, back on topic, can't wait for 3/16


As much as the scores are probably well-deserved, those PSM quotes are really something. Gushing, much?

Time to harras my brother.
Salz01 said:
Has anybody actually come out and said that it looks 'X' times better than what was released on the demo? Because the demo still looks Awesome.
Would you like a number? here's a 4

If you think it looks awesome then why do you care how much better it looks? Why does it have to be X times better? Why does someone have to say this? It's not like it's ever accurate. Why do cucumbers taste better pickled?

So many questions
Salz01 said:
Has anybody actually come out and said that it looks 'X' times better than what was released on the demo? Because the demo still looks Awesome.

No, but the demo didn't have some effects that the full game does. The major one being motion blur.


Cat in the Hat said:
Would you like a number? here's a 4

If you think it looks awesome then why do you care how much better it looks? Why does it have to be X times better? Why does someone have to say this? It's not like it's ever accurate. Why do cucumbers taste better pickled?

So many questions

I dont think I'd be the only one thinking it. As Solid already mentioned, they added more effects in since then. So it will look better.

Personally I dont like my cucumbers pickled either. <yuk>


DMeisterJ said:
IGN has a 100 point scale.

Gamespot has a 20 point scale. They're both just numbered differently.

0-10 by .1 = 100 possible scores
0-10 by .5 = 20 possibele scores.
That would be respectively 101 and 21 possible scores.


Also from the psm3 review:
-just like in GoWII, there's an "abili-tease" at the beginning of the game.
-Pandoras's Box plays once again a major role in the story.


dragonflys545 said:
Fuck, I am getting so hyped. I want to read the reviews!!!!! Should i GODADADAMAMAIT :(

NO just no!!
I've been spoiled big time with the french OPM review..They have described the end of the game :(
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