Golf Story |OT| Return to Camelot

Definitely interested to try this game, but I'll wait for impressions on gameplay and how the game runs. I still need to finish Mario + Rabbids anyway, and the Super NES Classic is coming this week.
35 bucks is making your wallet cry, not trying to get into your financial sitch,but ouch, with the horizon of games in the next two months.
It makes my wallet cry BECAUSE of the horizon of games coming up. Not to mention my One X. I was trying to hold off on buying anything until then. Now we’re getting this and possibly stardew too!
So we shouldn't be expecting reviews for awhile yea?
I've 100% M+R and almost completed every difficulties in co-op, looking for my next Switch game until Odyssey.
This was so good. I haven't seen a game use Switch's News Channel in this way before. Love how it pulls you into the game's world with its wacky narrative. And Max Yards has got to be the best stupid name ever.
I like this a lot. I generally just expect the standard marketing speak drivel, but this was a fun read that speaks to the spirit/tone of the game. Quite excited about this one. :)
i'm honestly just shocked at how good the switch's first year is. It's fantastic. Probably helps that I had low expectations outside of the nintendo games, but still. I'm all for this system being an indie wonderboy
This game, stardew, odyssey, xenoblade2, zelda dlc...hmmm I might not have enough time.
Heh. You should try adding a huge PS4 backlog and upcoming releases to that too. And my demanding job :(

Looking forward to this, whenever I may get a chance to play it!

What really baffles me, is how a game like this can literally come out of nowhere and from an unknown developer, and be this awesome. I mean, we didn't even know anything about this game up until a couple of months ago, and even then it was just a short video clip.
Man, what an awesome-game streak the Switch is having. I just went from Splatoon, to M+R, to Steamworld Dig 2 and now Golf Story tomorrow. Dunno about Golf Story yet, but all the others will be on my GotY list for sure. Steamworld Dig in particular is mind-blowingly good. And it will all culminate in Odyssey which will get 2 months all to itself before Xenoblade arrives.

What a year.
I only now realized the game will be only in English, went from instabuy to maybe later, I remember being super confused by stats and all that on Mario Golf GB (that was also English only), thankfully Mario Golf GBA was translated.
Sorry but if I play it, it's to relax and not trying to understand and mentally translate all those Golf terminology.
I'm sure the exclusivity will be timed, and it will sell bonkers on Switch, then proceed to release PC/PS4 versions. There's no reason for a game like this NOT to be made in Unity (unless it's not?) so I don't see porting being a problem.