GTA V box art coming together

I think he means the wall poster one. The Grand Theft Auto V logo does look super clear compared to the individual panels.

I wonder if we'll get a new trailer soon after the artwork reveal
probably not.
So much on the cover it's brilliant!

Wish they included a submarine or shark though.

Also there's no dating in this game? Why is that girl on the cover then?
Ah, still seems stupid to show her face on the cover and not Franklin's.
He will be between the dog and the car, as you can see from the sketched out unfinished part of the wall. Actually Michael will be the only one without their plain face shown (he has a mask on), which is a bit odd. Although Michael might be on the jet-ski too, idk.
That's pretty cool if intentional and a funny coincidence if it wasn't. Since this is Rockstar I'm guessing it's a intentional tradition of sorts.
Yeah, it's probably intentional.
ON GTAForums they tried several times to find various patterns to their cover, though aside from the heli on the top left, not much else is as consistent, usually.
The day a Grand Theft Auto game doesn't have that god damn box art is the day I lose my shit. GTA3 was released 2001, and they're still using that split image look.