Halo |OT3| Remember Reach?

How's the population? Worth buying? How much does it cost
Honestly the population is pretty much dead. You're lucky to have 30 to 50 people regularly. It's sad really. The way the map editing software was gimped and then the forcing people to buy vista to play it really hurt it. Then on top of that the graphics setting options are pretty much none. The game at the time also took damn strong hardware for a game that shouldn't have.

I'd say though if you have a computer that can run it easily and want the superior version of the game that can still be played online then I'd recommend it without a doubt.

I would love to play Halo 2 Vista, my computer seems to really struggle to run it though. Which is weird because other games that seem similar seem to run better. :/

Sorry Elzar got distracted, what was the conversation out of sheer curiosity though?
Yea as I mentioned above the game was a good port in the sense that it fixed a couple issues the xbox version had but on a technical level it wasn't optimized one bit for the pc. It should not require the hardware it does to run well. If you do have the hardware though it is a great experience. And I suggest having the recommended or better. Those really should have been the minimum because you really can't run it worth a shit with just the minimum specs.
I had to run it low, no aa, and @800x600, just barely got 28 fps
The port is a technical disaster, is all. Better looking games run in web browsers these days.

Next time around, I'll take more measures to make sure I don't have to shut the stream down (sorry about that!), we'll get some better gametype/map combinations in as well. I've lost a lot of my skill at the game, too, so maybe by next time I won't be as terrible. Stream is archived here for those that missed it.

Brolic Gaoler

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Oct 23, 2009
So I am definitely going to E3, I got my confirmation yesterday.

I don't know if H4 will be playable (asked David on twitter, awaiting response), but if you guys have any details or gameplay features in mind that you want me to report on I will be happy to oblige, if 343 permits me to do so that is. Make a list of things you want me to look out for. I'll post this on our FB group as well, so we can make a document. I'll also try and keep you guys up to date here on gaf and on twitter (same as my gaf handle).

If any of you have other games you want me to report on I will gladly do so, though I suspect I'll be spending most of my time at the xbox booth.

I still have a blast though. Halo 2 still holds up.

I hate you...

One of these days I'm going to E3 or Comicon, one of these days...
Feb 1, 2011
imagine 24fps PLUS this visual style

it's going to be the most cinematic experience of my life. Just that picture alone has me so immersed in the setting that I almost crapped my pants

off topic sorta

A lot of people are shitting on The Hobbit being 48 fps. Those who saw previews said the CG looked amazing but the actual sets and stuff looked really fake.
Apr 2, 2009

off topic sorta

A lot of people are shitting on The Hobbit being 48 fps. Those who saw previews said the CG looked amazing but the actual sets and stuff looked really fake.
Yeah. A higher FPS brings it closer to reality in perception, flaws and all, (this has no correlation to games where response times and refresh rate is everything), which is not what most films are about. They're about (to me) taking the viewer out of reality and transporting you to what you see in the film. I've seen some 48 FPS footage, but not anything for the Hobbit. Got a link?
Jul 17, 2011
I assume you mean for 360. TekNmotion Yapster Blaster Amplified is pretty cheap and get the job done. Works with PC too. I think they're like $30, however I think you have to get some extra RCA cables for it to work properly.
Ya for a 360. A recently moved my system from my big screen to my monitor. Don't have speakers. Is it possible to use my beats? I tried connecting them but the sound doesn't come out both sides (i connected them to my monitor)
Jul 5, 2011
Man, I appreciate the effort of the CCs and I think it's cool what they get to do and the interaction with communities that happens, but I super hate Forge maps. I've said it before, I'll probably say it again, but I hate them. The only ones I like are Asylum and Kingdom. Totally hate playing on the rest. It's cool that shit can be done, but it's never the same and I don't enjoy them visually or for gameplay. :/

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