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Halo |OT4| Trust's a Tough Thing to Come by These Days


Oct 19, 2009
Here is what I have compiled from the FB group. Feel free to add things you want me to look out for. I can't promise any interviews though. I have to let 343 and the big media outlets do their thing.

Tawpgun asks:
Movement (speed and agility/inertia, how it feels.)
Grenade bouncing and strength
Jump height
The AA's.
The unlock modification system
Flag juggling?
Dmr's firing rate in dongblains per minute

Gui_PT asks:
Frankie thoughts on Bobs.

Bobs asks:
Kill times?
Classic mode?
Frankie's thoughts on boobs.

Ryaaan14 asks:
Are armor/skin customizations selected by piece or only as sets?

Cyren asks:
Spectator mode?

Woorlog asks:
Are armor customizations tied to "Perks" etc. in anyway?

Overdoz1z asks:
What the average K/D of a 343 employee is and why it's so low.
My questions in there where just an excuse for bad jokes, but I am really curious about details on a classic mode, which game is the basis of that classic mode and the extent of what is stripped back. Killtimes and shots to kill interest me aswell


Jan 13, 2008
Yeah I checked that.. I was just wondering which one you guys preferred. I might be home on my lunch break so I was wondering what tv channels would be covering it live but I can check.

So far we have the 9:30 AM Pacific opener and something tomorrow night for Spartan Ops, right? Anything I need to be alert for in between?
Personally I will be watching it through Youtube, great quality and didn't hitch up once last year.