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Halo |OT4| Trust's a Tough Thing to Come by These Days


Jun 7, 2004

Reach OT1 | Reach OT2 | Reach OT3 | Reach OT4 | Reach OT5 | Reach OT6 | Reach OT7 | Halo OT | Halo OT 2 | Halo OT 3 | Duncan's HaloGAF Central

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It has arrived: Reach HaloGAF montage! Nice job, Duncan!

News & Updates
06/07 | Plywood .gifs! Everybody loves Plywood .gifs.

06/06 | Waypoint's Halo 4 site is updated with an absolute crapton of new information. (Use the menus.) Go, navigate, learn.

06/04 | Hit up the Forward Unto Dawn E3 Halo 4 hub for a round up of the Halo 4 news from E3; Campaign, Spartan Ops, Multiplayer, oh my.

06/03 | Shadders put together a great recap of Halo's history at E3 shows. Hit the link and let the nostalgia flow - just one more sleep until 343 adds to this legacy!

05/16 | Penny-Arcade Reports has a fantastic tour of Bungie's fantastic new studio.

05/16 | The Halo 4 Limited Edition has been announced, and it looks great. The official PR is here.

05/16 | Wal-Mart (of all places) has a short interview with Frankie, in which more of the b-roll footage glimpsed on the Conan clip is shown.

05/14 | The Halo 4 box art has been revealed, head to this thread for the details.

05/13 | Game Informer's hub has a round up of their Halo 4 web coverage.

04/17 | An April Conan show featured an extended segment on Halo 4, featuring Frankie and Kiki Wolfkill.

04/17 | The Halo 4 release date has been announced - November 6th. Red vs Blue has a Halo 4 skit on the date announcement, here.

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Halo Data Drops

343 has been dribbling a series of cryptic 'data drops' each Friday, graduall building out some backstory. Is it leading up to Glasslands? Primordium? CEA? Halo 4? The answer is probably, yes.

Data Drop 1 | Data Drop 2 | Data Drop 3 | Data Drop 4 | Data Drop 5 | Data Drop 6

Halo Community Sites | The Halo community is vast. Here are a few highlights.

HaloGAF! Yes, we're our own webzone now. Thread archives, .gifs, and more. Duncan goes above and beyond.

The oldest and biggest Halo fan site on the web, run by one of the nicest (and oldest) people on the internet. If there's news about Halo, HBO will cover it.

Bungie.net forums
A vast community of upstanding and thoughtful commentators.

Tied The Leader
A community, clan and site dedicated to fair play and thoughtful commentary on Halo.

Another long time Halo fan site, dedicated to unusually in-depth commentary and analysis of the series, as well as news and community creations.

Forward Unto Dawn
In the spirit of Ascendant Justice, FUD is devoted to analysis and commentary on various aspects of the Halo games and universe.

Major League Gaming
An organized league of professional gamers, in which Halo plays a starring role. Forums, league schedules, rules and live streams are available from their site.

Forge Hub
A large community devoted to creating custom maps in Forge. Tutorials, guides and an active forum to provide feedback and testing, as well as an excellent resource for well crafted maps.​

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Jun 4, 2011

This is going to exploded come E3.

Praying for the biggest Info dump yet, at the very least a BTS and some new reveals of weapons and customization.


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Mar 15, 2007

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I can feel it, this isn't a tame release like ODST or Reach, this is starting to feel like Halo 3, the hype is strong.
Oct 6, 2009
I do seriously wonder how long this will last since e3 is right around the corner..

I just ripped the entire Halo 4 soundtrack to a more portable format from the GIANT uncompressed files. Right now it's about 100 tracks of stuff. Obviously the OST will be way less than that, given variants and vignettes. We have an opportunity to work with some VERY amazing electronic musicians and one or two vocalists to do a second disc of remixes the OST disc would be 'pure' to avoid breaking any Benjamins. But I think it would be pretty badass.

But goddamn does Neil Davidge have good taste in 'instruments.' there are some sounds in this that I just can't stop getting goosebumps from. Especially given the fictional context for some of these moments.

We listen to these tracks on Mackie studio monitors and the amount of detail is absolutely insane. When I think about these getting jammed through stereo speakers on a TV (including mine in one room) I sob a little.
I want to hear it. Badly.