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Halo |OT7| You may leave, Juices. And take Team Downer with you.

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Jun 7, 2004

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Duncan's HaloGAF Central

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Note: Thread title reference. Please stay, Juices. Kisses.

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News & Updates

08/15 | New info and pics about the contents of the Limited Edition are available here.

08/15 | Lots of new information on Specializations, from today's Bulletin and updated on the Halo 4 Waypoint page.

08/15 | 343 has released the behind the scenes trailer initially released in theaters, this time set to a new piece of music for online viewing. Youtube version here. .gifs galore here! Find the IGN one on your own. :p

08/14 | IGN has a breakdown of several new Specializations in Halo 4, here.

08/12 | 343 has released a showcase video on the UNSC weapons in Halo 4. Additional details on the UNSC weapons are the weekly bulletin.

08/01 | New pics of the Limited Edition contents. Looking sexy.....

07/31 | No, the shotgun is not a starting weapon in matchmaking. Seriously, chill people.

07/29 | 343 has released a SDCC wrap-up video, here.

07/25 | New Waypoint Bulletin is up. Also, this thread.

07/16 | HaloGAF vs 343 Part 1 | HaloGAF vs 343 Part 2

07/14 | Some multiplayer information was released: quick and dirty summary. Hypertrooper gets his hoodie. Halo 4 walkthrough.

The HaloGAF Tournament

Halo Community Sites | The Halo community is vast. Here are a few highlights.

HaloGAF! Yes, we're our own webzone now. Thread archives, .gifs, and more. Duncan goes above and beyond.

The oldest and biggest Halo fan site on the web, run by one of the nicest (and oldest) people on the internet. If there's news about Halo, HBO will cover it.

Bungie.net forums
A vast community of upstanding and thoughtful commentators.

Tied The Leader
A community, clan and site dedicated to fair play and thoughtful commentary on Halo.

Another long time Halo fan site, dedicated to unusually in-depth commentary and analysis of the series, as well as news and community creations.

Forward Unto Dawn
In the spirit of Ascendant Justice, FUD is devoted to analysis and commentary on various aspects of the Halo games and universe.

Major League Gaming
An organized league of professional gamers, in which Halo plays a starring role. Forums, league schedules, rules and live streams are available from their site.

Forge Hub
A large community devoted to creating custom maps in Forge. Tutorials, guides and an active forum to provide feedback and testing, as well as an excellent resource for well crafted maps.​

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