Halo: Reach |OT7| What are They to Say Now?

Thanks for the games tonight sirs (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE). Tonight was my first time back on Reach in a week. Good times. Also first time I've ever been randomly matched with people from GAF.

You're confusing Mexico with France.
You know, it's rare that I see an intercontinental connection, except when I'm playing with EuroGAF, and even then the game plays surprisingly well.

I played a game last night with red bars everywhere, and everyone was U.S. except one guy from Mexico. I couldn't believe Reach would choose him to host.
If we don't get a banner before the end of this thread we might be in trouble.

I say we contact the guy who did this and get his permission to modify the Bungie text and use it as the banner.


Edit: if we get permission it'd be cool to put HaloGAF where the Bungie logo is, also put Bungie's logo on the far left and 343's on the far right.
Does anyone else notice that much of the time a game is really laggy, there's someone from Mexico in it? Why is that?
I've noticed fewer black screen host switching of late and therefore far laggier games on a more frequent basis. I don't know if 343 has tinkered with the back end servers or host selection algorithms but the lag in recent weeks has been reminiscent of Halo 3. And no, it's not just me because the people I've been playing with have noticed it too.

It is, though TU settings without bleedthrough would be ideal. AR beatdowns are more obnoxious than double beatdowns could ever be.

I played a multi-team game last night where EVERY PLAYER was using evade. It was unplayable, farcical and was like trying to shoot spartans in a pinball machine. I can't imagine what a new player to Halo would think of it.
How frickin' hard is it to make sure that if there's a challenge that requires a specific map, that that map is ACCESSIBLE?

I'm currently on my third run-through of the Score Attack voting scheme - the first two I had to quit out to the dashboard because Overlook never appeared. That's 18 voting choices with none that match the Challenge. :(

HOLY FUCK my third run-through gave me Overlook as the LAST choice. That's absurd. :(

At least I'm playing, I guess.