Hideki Kamiya annoyed on twitter, tells fanboy to use his own brain

I need to know what Kamiya would do with the Star Fox cast.

The only excuse I'll accept from Nintendo is that they've already given it to Treasure.
Wow, he feels that strongly about it... Does he have a personal gripe with Sony?
He is calling out what he sees as a shameless rip off, but isn't all of gaming made of that to some extent?
This might backfire on him.
It's refreshing when a developer just speaks his mind instead of walking on his toes trieing to appease others in the industry because of fragile business relationships. And let's be honest here, isn't he just saying what everybody is thinking anyway? If this backfires on him, it would be a shame.

Edit: oh I see others in this thread already commented on the backfiring thing... I'm not an expert anyway so what do I know lol :)
Then he must hate all fighting games.
I'm sure you guys have cooked up a bunch of canned responses like this in the PSABR threads but it's plainly obvious to everyone outside the echo chamber that the idea of a first party crossover fighting game with Smash mechanics is pretty unique, or was, until Sony greenlit that game.

Kamiya doesn't want to try the game, so doing so clearly wouldn't change his mind. Execution doesn't matter. His objection is conceptual.
Kamiya telling it like it is.

You sound like an expert on Japanese culture. Are honour and shame huge parts of it?
I was just asking; I don't get the reference to Japanese culture expertise... I thought it was a big thing for him to call out a First Party/Platform holder out in the open.

The only reason I suggested that is I read Sony threatened to pull games out of stores if they advertised for the Xbox and it worked, while going through historygaf. Those guys might still be insane about PR so I wondered whether they could target Kamiya.

I was indifferent to the game, the way Kamiya puts it; it is repulsive.