Home open beta starts 24 March in Japan AND WE'RE OUT FOR BLOOD

Dec 14, 2007
Cardon said:
So if this is true how is it going to work? Is there a website or something or will those of us who have JP PSN accounts be rewarded with a Home Beta download the next time we check out the store?
If it's anything like the closed Beta, you'll simply be able to download it from the Store...
Oct 17, 2007
Sioux Falls, SD (USA)
What the hell?!? *Twitches.* Japan?!? What the f*(c)k? I feel betrayed. Damn you Sony. Not really. But I can't help but feel jealous. (I'm starting to overload due to Sony's gaming megatons today. A man can only take so much.) :lol So that countdown probably did have some sort of importance. Must have been a countdown to the closure of the private beta. Time for public baby! But, something sounds off. Just Japan? Why? That makes no sense. *Starting to believe Sony is getting ready to announce public beta for US and EU*
Apr 23, 2007
Of course, Japan is a smaller market. That means far less beta users crashing the system. I doubt Sony has completed the server rollout necessary to handle worldwide usage of Home.