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How many new games have you bought this year?

How many 2022 titles have you purchased so far?

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Just curious to how many 2022 titles people have bought this year. So far I haven't gotten very many new games, but have purchased quite a few on various sales.

2022 titles I've purchased so far:
Elden Ring
Gran Turismo 7
Sniper Elite 5

Other games I'll buy on or near launch:
Live A Live
Escape Academy
Saints Row
Evil West
A Plague Tale: Requiem
The Callisto Protocol
God of War: Ragnarok


I’ve bought a lot this year

Horizon 2
King of Fighters XV
Gran Turismo
DNF Duel
The Quarry
WWE 2K22
Tiny Tinas

Triangle Strategy
Fire Emblem Three Hopes
Mario Strikers
Nintendo Switch Sports

Barely played any of them except Fire Emblem, Horizon and KoF


None for myself. Everything Gamepass with my Series S. Bought my cousin Luigi's Mansion 3, Metroid Dread and Breath of the Wild for his new Switch. I'm waiting patiently for a new Nintendo console iteration before jumping into that ecosystem.

Edit: It's one. Forgot I bought rogue legacy 2 for xbox.
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Songs of Conquest
Gwent: Rogue Mage
Pokemon Legends: Arceus
Elden Ring
Horizon Forbidden West
Ghostwire: Tokyo

As for the other 2022 games, I plan on getting:
Callisto Protocol
Hogwarts Legacy
Marvel's Midnight Suns
God of War: Ragnarok

Plague Tale: Requiem and Pentiment as well but fortunately those are on Game Pass, so that saves me some money.
Evil West, Metal Hellsinger, Cult of the Lamb, and Return to Monkey Island are also on my wishlist. However, not a priority, unless I can somehow find a way to fit them into my budget.


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A couple dozen as part of the different sales. The only full priced game I've bought this year is Sifu.


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2022 Titels:
Pokemon Legends Arceus
Horizon Forbidden West
Elden Ring

Non 2022:
Zelda Skyward Sword
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I already bought: (I might missing some)

Upcoming game I planning to buy.


1 for me. Ninja Turtles on Xbox.

I feel like this poll needs to be redone considering how skewed the results are. I assumed the options would be 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5+.

I can't imagine buying so many games. How do people have enough time for all of them? Or rather, how do people put so few hours into each game? When I find a game I like, I put hundreds or thousands of hours into it (Halo 5, Destiny 1, etc.)


Elden Ring
Switch sports
I guess you can count ratchet and clank because it came bundled with my ps5
and I bought cyberpunk new for 11.00 off ebay


Just Elden Ring for now. Cleaning my backlog and the games Sony put on extra that would interest me. God of War maybe...

Naked Lunch

Elden Ring
Baulder's Gate I and II
Deathsmiles I . II
Strikers 1945

All on Series X. Payed zero dollars - used rewards points.
Havent even started Elden Ring yet. Too busy playing Halo Infinite and retro (NES/SNES/PS2/Saturn) stuff.
More then I should have

Forza Horizon 5 pc
Elden Ring ps5
Horizon Forbidden West ps5
Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak pc
F1 2021 ps5
Left for Dead 1&2 pc
Pac-Man Champion DX pc
Dondonpachi pc
Mushihimesama switch
Deathsmiles pc
Xenoblade Chronicles definitive edition switch


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Terminator Resistance PC
Pokemon Arceus
Gun Gun pixies (Switch)
Fire emblem Three Houses
Fire emblem Three Hopes
Smash Brothers Ultimate
The guided fate paradox
Pocky & Rocky Reshinred (Switch)
Astral Chain
Gnosia (PC)
Splinter cell Chaos Theory (PC)
Zombies ate my neighbors pack (Swich)
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It’s been a slow crappy year for most devs…

But Sony been keeping me FED

1. Horizon Forbidden West
2. Elden Ring
3. GT7
4. ANNO Mutationem
5. Nobody Saves the World

Then Stray, TLOU, God of War Ragnarök, Callisto Protocal, Hogwarts (maybe) & Avatar (probably not)?

That’s a banner year for me.


Way more than I should. I'm at that stage in my life where I now have the ability to afford the games that I want but not the time to enjoy them. Between work and toddler, I have very little time for gaming. My backlog is something that fills me with dread and shame as I have double-dipped games that I never even installed (*cough* Death Stranding Director's Cut *cough*).

On the plus side, being a dad is really great.


Quite a bit, up to 11 so far (9 if you don't count DLC packs), with plenty to get the rest of the year. Been a great year so far, and the amount of JRPGs is fucking stellar. Monster Hunter: Sunbreak and Splatoon 3 will keep me busy online for the rest of the year and a while after, especially Splatoon 3, plan on hitting that really hard.

Triangle Strategy
Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak
Rune Factory 5
Capcom Fighting Collection
Pac-Man Museum+
Kirby and the Forgotten Land
Pokemon Legends Arceus
Shin Megami Tensei V
Hades (I waited way too long to get this!)

And if you count some DLC stuff:

Cuphead DLC
Mario Kart DLC

Upcoming games I will definitely be getting:

Xenoblade Chronicles 3
Front Mission 1st
Dragon Quest III 2D-HD (assuming it releases this year)
Persona 5 Royal
Splatoon 3
TMNT: Shredder's Revenge (ordered physical so have to wait a bit longer)
Nier Automata

Great year so far. My wallet is glad BotW 2 is pushed to next year, but we have plenty of time for a direct or two before the year is done, that some other surprise game will likely pop up that I want to get lol.
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Horizon: FW
Elden Ring
Turtles - Return of Shredder
GTA V Remastered

For me it's been a bad year so far with very few interesting games. I'm looking forward to Stray and I will play God of War Ragnarök, even if it looks underwhelming.
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Purchases this year…
2022 titles? Zero
Games from any year? Zero, or maybe Link’s Awakening but I think I bought that last year.
Just been playing Game Pass games and occasionally some backlog titles or older games I already have. I doubt I’ll buy anything the rest of the year either.


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Dune game that’s in early access

Three or four bits and bobs in the Steam sale.


Elden Ring (Steam)
VII Remake (Epic)
VII original (Steam)
Switch Sports

only games i'll be buying for the rest of the year:

Pokémon Violet
Soul Hackers 2
Persona 5 Royal (Switch + Steam)


elden ring
Lost judgement
3 years of gamepass ultimate
new cod preorder

15 titles

pc - steam
130 titles (various generations)

0 - actually selling my collection (abandoning the blue ship 🚢)


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Where my 21+ crew at?

Kagey K

I've bought a lot of games this year, but I couldn't tell you if they came out in 22 or not.

I'm pretty Sure Rimble Roses and Silent Hill didn't come out in 22 but I bought them tonight.
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New games
- Elden Ring
- Citizen Sleeper
- Vampire survivor
- AI Somnium files 2
- Triangle Strategy
- Omori*
- Rogue Legacy 2
- Lootriver
- Tunic
- Chinatown Detective Agency
- Road96
- Norco
- Chrono Cross Remaster
- 13 Sentinels*

Also the danganronpa games and more. In total, probably close to 800 gbp on software.


Too many. Last year, I decided to embark on a side hustle, with the sole goal of earning a bit of extra cash to spend exclusively on games. I expected maybe $200 a year from it, at best. Turns out I brought in $4,000 in 12 months.

I've bought a lot of crap in PSN sales that I still haven't played, so I've had to reign things in a bit..! :|
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Elden Ring
Horizon Forbidden West
Gran Turismo 7
Dying Light 2
Tiny Tina
Ghostwire Tokyo
The Quarry
Lego Star Wars

Plan to buy:
The Last Of Us Part 1
God of War Ragnarok
The Callisto Protocol


None. Zero... But 1 or 3...

I havent purchased any, but I helped a friend with his steam account and CS rewards, (he had no clue they were worth money), he ended up with several hundred euros after I help/showed him how to sell them, so he gifted me whatever I want on steam*, and still asks for what else I want.

* Got Mass Effect Legendary Edition at a sale (so 1 or 3 games depending on your point of view)
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