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I really cant think of an OPEN WORLD game that wouldn't be better as a Wide Linear one. Its time to leave Open World games strictly to R*


Oct 29, 2020
This right FUCKING there. Cyberpunk 2077 is the latest offender - imagine how much time you could've saved if you cut the city in half, increase NPC interaction, increase verticality, etc. Most development on a game is always asset creation and graphics, you can do so much more by just narrowing the scope a bit.

the city is perfect as it is. and cdpr made the map SMALLER than the witcher 3 so they are already doing that.
Jan 9, 2021
I don't know. We all just played The Last of Us II, which had like 4 different kinds of enemies and rote stealth gameplay we've all seen a million times before.

I think videogame historians will view the last generation as the time open world games overtook linear games.

Breath of the Wild, PUBG, Fortnite.

Those games hit the hardest and will influence the next 20 years of games more than any linear game released throughout the generation.

Open world simply gives players more choices. That's more interesting than carrot - stick game design.
No that will never happen and tlou was just praised for having the best third person stealth shooter gameplay of all last gen with only MGS V rivaling it.