Is this Xbox's Most Disappointing Generation?

Is Xbox One the most disappointing console in Microsoft's history?

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Oct 29, 2017
I've always been a fan of Xbox in past years. Have many great memories playing on OG Xbox, and felt 360 was probably the best console I've owned in modern times. Never remember being upset over lack of new titles. But this generation has felt like a huge letdown compared to the others. Many games I've been excited for were cancelled, and other games I was excited for were so lacking in terms of content (Quantum Break/SoT).

Is this just me getting older and so nostalgia makes it seem like Xbox was so much better in the past? Is it just a really slow period right now so I've forgotten something? Or is this really the most disappointing gen on record?
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Jul 7, 2016
Mr. Grumpy - Please don't spam threads. There is only one post that veers into "console warrior shit" territory and it's your post.
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Dec 14, 2014
It’s not a big sample size to begin with, as they have only had 3 gens of consoles.

I mean OG was the first entry into the game industry so they had a lot of ground to make up, so it was expected if they weren’t the number in that gen. 360 was a excellent follow up and proved they belonged in the ring with Ninty and Sony.

The One had a very rough start and hasn’t had as many successes as the 360, so in that regard...yes, I guess this would be their “worst” cycle.
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Jan 22, 2018
I'll say this: not a week ago I looked into the one's lineup, because I had the money for a One S, which looks like the perfect current gen console, really beautiful.

But ... I could'nt come up with 5 games I truly want. I want singleplayer games, dot care about car sims or online multiplayer. So I'm left with Halo, Quantum, and maybe Gears. So for me personally, is really bad. 360 was much better.
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Nov 19, 2006
West Springfield, MA
For me? Yeah.

I had a blast with the original Xbox, and spent hundreds of hours playing games on the 360. Meanwhile, I sold my Xbox One in just two weeks’ time— everything was so painfully slow (especially game installations) that it wasn’t worth it to me to sink money into more games for it.

It felt like a giant step backwards... and I can’t be bothered to give the platform a second chance, even at its lower price point and beefier specs for its hardware revisions.
Nov 14, 2017
Well, I would agree that the original Xbox One at launch was the most disappointing Xbox. But I think the fantastic X1X has breathed new life into the Xbox brand. It's the best and most technically impressive console I have ever owned, period. Not just from great specs, but the small form factor (despite an internal power brick), the state of the art cooling system, the relative silence of it, etc. And I get to play a huge catalogue of Xbox games from 360 and now, increasingly, OG Xbox. Add the unparalleled value of Game Pass to this and in my mind MS is crushing it. I think Phil is absolutely leading the brand in the right direction.
Sep 18, 2017
Is it more disappointing than the OG Xbox, honestly no idea. I really don't have an opinion about it (other than the controller being ridiculously huge). But I had a 360 last gen and while there were caveats (it was loud, and while the controller is great otherwise the D-pad sucks) I really enjoyed it. It was a great console.

Come this generation and Xbox lost me immediately. It wasn't the used games debacle (that was rectified quickly), but mainly two things. First, the emphasis on TV. It's not something I want, and so US-centric I don't know if it does anything here even today. And then the forced Kinect, I have no desire for one.

So Sony comes up with a machine that's slightly more powerful, cheaper and with the message of "here's PS4, it plays games". I was pretty much ready to open my wallet for that pitch. As a matter of fact, PS4s were really scarce at first here if you didn't preorder. When I was finally able to get one (March 2014) there were a bunch of grey market Ones available too. They were just sitting in the shelves, so maybe it wasn't just me.
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Aug 2, 2013
This is what I was talking about similarly a few months back that the Xbox 1 doesn't have the same magnitude as the 360 had, when you had XBLA in it's prime, good amount of exclusives, the Xbox needs a God of War, Uncharted, et all, all well and good having the Xbox-1X with few more bells and whistles but still...the catalogue is a shadow of the 360''s only now am I considering going back to my Xbox1 console, with the recent news of the likes of Jade Empire, Republic Commando and Panzer Dragoon Orta being backward compatible , otherwise there is little interest outside of a quick spin on forza..


Dec 6, 2013
It's not like they have been at it for so long, and I personally don't have a lot of experience with the OG Xbox aside from the fact that no one in my country gave a shit about it (most stores didn't even sell it).

But I don't find the Xb1 to be particularly disappointing. To me it's just following the trend that MS started during the second half of last gen. For the first 3-4 years I loved my 360 and IMO it was doing everything right, it was cheaper, performed better in most multiplatform games, had better online services (paid though), had amazing exclusives for everyone from Shooters (Gears, Halo), Racing (Forza, PGR3), RPG's (Lost Odyssey, tales of vesperia, Mass Effect, etc), action adventure (Ninja Gaiden 2, Alan Wake), etc.

And then, IMO, they just sort of dropped the ball. They stopped investing in more risky games to just focus on their big sellers (Gears, Halo, Forza), they started pushing Kinect like crazy and their E3's went from cool announcements to kids playing Kinect, more Halo and Gears and just third party stuff. And that's pretty much where they are this gen (aside from Kinect): A big focus on third party games with arguably the best console to play them on and a bunch of uninteresting exclusives
Jan 21, 2018
Republic of Catalonia
They betrayed the Xbox philosophy. Xbox consoles were always super powerful machines with groundbreaking graphical games, some of them even redefined their genres.

Now we had a subpar console with gimmicks like Kinect being forced upon the players. The struggling of the Xbox One makes me happy, as I hope they learn from their mistakes and come back the next gen with an Xbox console faithful to the philosphy of the brand.
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May 26, 2011
Even though ive only owned an xbox og for about 8 months, im going to say yes. Has nothing to do with fanboyism bs Either as im a proponent of all consoles and an inclusive industry. As someone “looking in” on the xbox ecosystem. It just seems barren and not just from a game perspective. Every other previous console it was rocking with innovation, successes, new ips, progress with sequels, impressive release calenders. Now i barely hear or see any news about it in the media. In the past i could name a bunch of features and exclusives getting released for xbox that was making me envious. But now i can only count one at a time. Its just reduced to a slow drip of attention.

This is all the attention xbox has received that i can recall post launch year/2...

Killer Instinct season 2?
Halo collection
Xbox one x
Play anywhere
Sea of thieves
Crackdown 3
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Oct 27, 2015
It's disappointing as in they no longer will have exclusives, but it's better for Microsoft overall.

It is also better for consumers overall as they have more options, though the option will be PS4+PC to cover their bases. Only die-hard Xbox console only fans will have a problem, but even they are benefiting from cross play.

Losing the exclusiveness is really just a pride thing. It's not important.
May 26, 2011
Better than 360 Better than OG Xbox gen...probably. Say what you will about the Xbox One launch or lack of exclusives but I think between backwards compatibility and launching Xbox One X they have turned this gen around. Backwards compatibility adds a lot of value imo.
BC is great, they doing an awesome job with that. But in the grand scheme of things i don’t think its much of a deal.
Jan 25, 2018
Kinda? Despite all of the hype for Sony exclusives, I think we're at that point in the Xbone's life where Microsoft is generally putting forward a lot more effort than Sony; continuing that trend where hubris causes the leader to get lazy and the underdog strikes back in the next round. The pummeling MS has taken has been good for them because they've made some great decisions lately. The Xbox'll probably never catch up at this point, but E3 will be the best way to appraise if they're finally back on track with some decent exclusives.

So while the 360 was leagues more successful, I think a sober and "beaten" company always tends to be a bit more exciting in the end.
Feb 18, 2014
As an owner of the OG, 360 and X1 I am in the minority in not being disappointed.
I have been pretty much happy with the machines I had, despite the red ring of death on the 360.
The core group of players that I go online with have stayed with the machine and I don't think it's unlikely to say the next Microsoft console we will also pick up.
I think its fair to say that the initial message from Microsoft was underwhelming at first, particularly as a UK resident, with its media focus.
Kinect was a 2nd misfire, and I had it on the 360 too. But despite all this we haven't shifted consoles. I have only eyed "Horizon ZD" with any degree of envy.
I think the little, and it is little, that Microsoft has done has eased the initial trepidation about the upgrade.
I love EA Access, BC mode and the monthly "freebies" (thanks Sony). I have enjoyed Gears, Halo, Halo Wars, Forza, Sunset. We have sunk huge time into Destiny, Division and eyeing up SoT (post content and price drop).
So not the worst Xbox for me
Nov 24, 2013
England, UK
I think it's been the most disappointing console generation overall, not just Xbox. Just an endless succession of the same games from last gen with better graphics. There have been no real innovations or birth of exciting new genres. Hardware was underwhelming from the get go on both platforms so there's been no real advances for stuff like physics and AI. Just meh.

MS in particular really goofed up though and Mattrick, Whitten and Mehdi lost their minds. They thought they had made a breakthrough entertainment product and every home in America would own one, plus half the rest of the world. It of course was a disaster and Phil Spencer inherited a real mess to take care of.
Feb 20, 2018
I didn't own an original Xbox, so I can't speak of that. But seeing as it was new, I imagine expectations weren't high, so it's hard to be overly disappointed.

Xbox 360 started off incredibly hot. It also helped that Sony was going through it's annoying cocky phase. I thought the second half of the generation belonged more to PS3 as 360's exclusives slowed down and PS3's went way up.

So, I guess this was the first generation I had any expectations from Xbox, so it makes it the most disappointing by default. There are have been very few Xbox One games that interest me personally, but that's probably just my tastes in games. I enjoyed Ori and I loved Cuphead, but that's about it.
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Oct 30, 2017
Yes. This is a case of the chickens came home to roost.
They never bothered developing and maintaining first party studios and now it has caught up with them.

They were able to coast last gen, due to launching first and Sony's numerous blunders. I bought an Xbox 360 late last gen (2013) and there was virtually no game for me to play on it. All its good games, I had already played them on PS3. Just Halo, Gears and Forza, which are not my type of games

This is how it's always going to be going forward. Xbox will never attain significant market share unless it drastically changes its strategy.
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Mar 7, 2010
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Probably for me, in part that is because they did so much last generation that by almost any definition this is probably going to be disappointing to many people.

The one positive for me this generation is the backwards compatibility which has been incredible and I don't think anybody should really overlook just how much work and the quality of the work that they've done there. On the other hand, for me there has been very little new stuff that they've done which has had any interest to me at all.

I think in some ways it coms down to Microsoft and me just heading off in very different directions. Their ongoing move into the online area and gaming as a service is just not for me and it's actually lessened my enjoyment of some of my favourite Microsoft games this generation.

It doesn't mean that they're wrong in doing that, it just that it's wrong for me. Next generation I wouldn't be too surprised if I just bought consoles from the other two companies and kept my current Xbox for their older games which I usually enjoy more than their newer stuff.

Having said that I probably should add now that if they do release any games that interest me then instead of buying them I'll likely just pick up a cheap GamePass code and rent the game for a month rather than buying them like I used to. Obviously, that is helping me in some way.
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Jan 7, 2018
BC is great, they doing an awesome job with that. But in the grand scheme of things i don’t think its much of a deal.
It's weird because emulation on PC is praised. A virtual console or ports for older games on a Nintendo console is expected. But when it comes to Microsoft giving you console that can play ~500 360 games and now growing number of OG Xbox games...some of which are rendered at 4K on X1X or get automatic visual's just not looked at in the same way.

I think in hindsight X1X in particular will be a pretty valuable console. It's going handle new games over the next few years pretty well and it's going to be able to play and large library of games spanning the last 15-20 years going back to the first Xbox.
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Jan 12, 2018
In a nutshell: yes, i do. I wouldnt have bought a ps4 if it wasnt. And its not so mich its shitty first impression, but even now theres a total lack of compelling must-have exclusives. Halo 5 and gears 4 are good games, but they pale in comparison to their 360 predeccessors and mcc was a major disaster for halo fans.

The best things that came out this gen for xbox imo is BC, gamepass and the ability to playsome of my games on pc.

But tbf xbox isnt the only one with faults. I love my switch, but it exists because the wii u was an even greater failure than anything ms could pull off. And dont get me started on the vita.
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May 26, 2011
It's weird because emulation on PC is praised. A virtual console or ports for older games on a Nintendo console is expected. But when it comes to Microsoft giving you console that can play ~500 360 games and now growing number of OG Xbox games...some of which are rendered at 4K on X1X or get automatic visual's just not looked at in the same way.

I think in hindsight X1X in particular will be a pretty valuable console. It's going handle new games over the next few years pretty well and it's going to be able to play and large library of games spanning the last 15-20 years going back to the first Xbox.
Yeah, agreed. The reason though i think is because BC usage has been reported with low numbers over the years on prior consoles even. So as much as enthusiasts clamor for it and make a big deal about it. In reality the usage numbers would lead you to think otherwise.

Its definitely an impressive feature that microsoft is progressive with.
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Sep 18, 2017
I think when Sony and Nintendo come out with their own game subscription service and have consumer friendly backwards compatibility we'll look at this as xboxes most influential generation.
Come PS5 and if it doesn't have BC, I'll probably delay my purchase (although, in my opinion, the value of BC diminishes as the generation goes on - my current gen backlog is large enough now). However, it's not like there's no PS3 BC due to consumer hostility. It's just physically impossible, the Cell is such an odd beast. If Sony continues to use AMD APUs and there's no BC in PS5 I'll be furious. But PS4->PS3 - that simply couldn't happen, short of including a PS3 in a PS4.
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Mar 22, 2017
In terms of games for me the answer is yes. With 360, MS used invest to Japanese games and lot more single player games. 360 used even have mulitplatform Japanese games like Catherine, NieR and Asura's Wrath but now they got nothing for me. If you are fan of Japanese games or single player games, Xbox is worst console to get.
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Jan 12, 2018
The N64 is disappointing in comparison to the SNES. Is it bad? No. Same deal with Xbox now
Sales-wise sure. But the difference here is that the N64 atleast had 2 games that not only defined future 3d games, but would be highlighted as some of the best of any generation and that devs would try to emulate them over and over again (Im of course talking about Ocarina of Time and Super Mario 64. The former specifically won best game ever made from gamerankings and both frequently hit the top 3 in lists like TIME's and IGN's. top 100 games OAT)

Now in comparison, how many xbox one exclusives have a 90% or higher on metacritic?
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Oct 30, 2011
I voted no but I’m still not really sure. I like the One probably more than any other Xbox but it feels generic.

There are less exclusives I care about I just like live better than psn and my friends are on it.
Mar 18, 2013
Omaha, NE - USA
Xbox One has had its moments. Halo 5, Rise of the Tomb Raider for a while, Gears of War 4, and Cuphead.

I have always owned an Xbox console. I'm not an anti-console company person either. This gen I feel like MS did not have their A game going consistently.

Last gen Xbox 360 fans bashed on PS3 and every review journalist played the 360 version, etc etc.

Now you'll see a lot of those people playing PS4 and the hottest new game.

Does Microsoft have their game to go against God of War or are they just going to push Sea of Thieves and PUBG on their fan base?

The sad part is. I have had months go by without playing Xbox One. The only reason I turned it on was for some of my XBL games from last gen.

I didn't think like this when I played Gears of War 4 or Halo 5, but at this moment in time I would say they don't have a game to go up against God of War hype right now. Again, I don't want to make things sound like they're perfect over the best thing ever. It's just a thing I am noticing.
I also haven't touched my Switch since Mario Odyssey and I played BotW on my Wii U. So there are a lot of variables.
Aug 29, 2016
This gen started off poorly, but feel like it's turning out to be the best gen with the Xbox one X. I don't care about the console warrior crap of who is winning an imaginary race.

I don't really care about exclusives, whether they be xbox or ps4. I cannot even remember the last time i bought and exclusive game for consoles. All I play are 3rd party.

BC has been awesome. I have been taking full advantage of it and even love it more now that some of the older games are getting the 4k treatment.
Jan 6, 2018
List of Xbox One Failures:

Fable Legends
Scale Bound
Project Spark
Quantum Break
Sea of Thieves
Sunset Overdrive
Dead Rising 3

not sure how many more they can afford..
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Oct 30, 2017
I guarantee what people prefer is to not have to rebuy their old games and getting free enhanced updates for said games.

I can only assume your anti consumer stance comes from being a shareholder of a major publisher.
I absolutely love BC. I still have my launch PS3. In fact, it's played more than my PS4 because I can play PS1, PS2 and PS3 games on it. Nevertheless, I'm aware that I'm in the minority. BC does not sell consoles. There's numerous data that shown that BC is not a highly desirable feature. Exclusives, Multiplats and Price are more important than BC.
Apr 26, 2013
I think it's flipped from last generation. PS3 started to shine near the end of the generation. I think XB1X will become more popular as years go by but I still think everything relies on when the PS5 comes out.
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Jan 12, 2018
game wasn't very good. not sure how well it sold. but definitely not on the list of smash hits for xbox.
I thought it was fun. It sure as hell was better than 4. And it launched at a time when The Walking Dead was at it's peak and there was plenty of marketing. I dont know overall sales but iirc it sold over a million in a month. Which wasnt bad for a launch title.

I think it's flipped from last generation. PS3 started to shine near the end of the generation. I think XB1X will become more popular as years go by but I still think everything relies on when the PS5 comes out.
A revision at $500 wont be enough for MS to gain traction when Sony isnt pulling any stops on their exclusives line up and now even Nintendo is quickly catching up. The PS3 shined in the last half of it's lifespan because sony was able to effectively rebrand the ps3 with the slim and first parties like naughty dog continued releasing stellar titles. Alongside promising new IPS from other devs like Littlebigplanet while boasting free online play. MS double downed on their paywall apps and whereas at the beginning of the gen theyed release several huge exclusives started turning into a single annual holiday huge release.

oh. And kinect.
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Jan 27, 2018
They are not doing super well, but it's not a trainwreck.

From the things they did this gen:
Gamepass - excellent
One x - excellent

Some notable exclusive releases:
Gears 4
Halo collection
Halo 5
Quantum break
Killer instinct

They are doing okay. Tied with PS in USA, which I feel is one of their primary target markets. They are lacking more good exclusives but given most good games are multiplatform, you get a lot of value in the Xbox ecosystem and better hardware. Very impressed at the x getting to native 4k for a fraction of high end GPU cost.

I think good things are on the horizon, but they need to step things up to better compete with PS (those GoW scores, damn).
Aug 29, 2014
I think that if they can just get the exclusives and the wording right I think they can do well. The features and ongoing non-game software support of the xbox has been the best thing about the xbox plus backwards compatibility. In my opinion if you are a xbox fan boy it kinda looks like they have been delivering like crazy to it's fanbase for a while. It's only when you do the whole list wars of ps exclusives does the xbox falter. Microsoft just needs to find a new identity that they can latch the xbox to. Sony has nostalgia plus third person games , Nintendo has nostalgia plus family friendly, and now Microsoft needs to use its own version of nostalgia plus bro-ness to woo back its audience.
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