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It has been almost one year since Amiibo released, what is your ''Amiibo score''?


41 Smash Amiibos, though I haven’t bought any in ages. I'm almost ashamed to admit I went off the scent since they became available everywhere. I conformed to Nintendo's strategy perfectly.

Will complete the collection eventually though as I simply love the franchise and my kids already have a couple on their Christmas lists.
May even ask santa for one or two myself

Also have an 8-bit Mario amiibo I got with Mario Maker.


I actually lost interest in them quite heavily these past few months, for no clear reason (except possibly Nintendo's current over-reliance on and initial understocking of them).

I did go though a period in which I made a habit out of checking any store I came across for them wherever I went (including Germany - where they had quite many available compared to the UK - and Japan), but not anymore. I might buy some of the DLC Smash characters still, like Ryu and Cloud, simply because I like having some physical version of those characters (without having to buy other toys), but I probably won't start collecting any new series after Smash (so no Animal Crossing etc.).

For the Smash series I limited myself to the individual characters I really liked instead of trying to collect them all. Being a bit OCD with regards to collecting, for the most part I avoided buying characters that come with their own series' subsets since I'd likely be itching to collect those as well. This meant avoiding any Zelda or Fire Emblem characters for example (though I made an exception for a few separate Mario ones).

I got the following 6: Dr. Mario, Wario (my favorite), Bowser Jr. (mostly because I like the Clown Car), Mega Man (my first), Olimar, Little Mac (only because I came upon him randomly for a normal price). I had my eye on Pit and Fox as well, but decided not to get them as this would mean collecting the others in their subsets as well (i.e. Falco, Dark Pit and Palutena). Duck Hunt Dog and Mr. Game & Watch seem cool as well but the former comes from a game I never really cared for that much while the latter needs to be bought 3 times if one wants to have enough stands to display all three of his versions (OCD, remember?)

Oh, I did get the three Splatoon amiibo's as well, mostly to show my support for this new Nintendo IP beyond buying the game itself.
I have Link and Luigi (Super Mario series), both of which I got with review copies.

I've never bought an amiibo, although I would like the yarn Kirby.


Fox, Captain Falcon, Shulk, Ike, Mega Man, Jigglypuff, Ness, Robin, Lucina, and Marth. Anticipating Lucas and Roy.

Kid Ska

I Was There! Official L Receiver 2/12/2016
Just Samus and King Dedede. I wanted to get Bowser Jr. to have all of my Smash mains but I never got around to it.
Super Smash Bros series
Fallen a little behind
Score : 41/53

Super Mario series
Need the 8-Bits
Score : 8/10

Splatoon series
Score : 3/3

Yoshi series
Score : 0/4

Animal Crossing series
Score : 2/8

Chibi-Robo! series
Score : 1/1

Skylanders Amiibo
Not a huge priority
but will get at some point
Score : 0/4

Amiibo cards
Series 1 : 25/100
The Isabelle promo is a steep price on ebay T_T
Promo cards : 3/4
Score : 28/104

Amiibo figures score : 55/83
Amiibo cards score : 28/104

Final score : 83/187


In order of acquisition:

Super Smash Bros.
Captain Falcon
Little Mac
Toon Link
Meta Knight
Duck Hunt
Game and Watch

Total: 17/53

Green Yarn Yoshi

Total: 1/4

To be Acquired: DeDeDe, Mewtwo, Falco

Final Damage: 18/187, to be 21/187

I like the idea of having cool little figurines on my shelf that I could occasionally use for little cool in-game stuff, so I just wanted my Smash Bros. mains, and unfortunately I have a lot of Smash Bros. mains. Then it expanded to characters I liked. I'll admit the chase was addicting in the beginning, but luckily the store exclusivity bullshit with Lucario and Meta Knight really took the wind out of my sails before things got bad. I don't go out of my way anymore, hence why I still don't have a damn DeDeDe.

Here's to hoping there won't be a Pokken line to hook me back in.
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