Kaz Hirai enjoys being an internet meme

Signal by Sony did a very short interview with Kaz today where he was asked questions by the public. One such question was, "How do you feel about the memes on the net about you?"

To this Kaz replied "I think that especially with the Playstation business I used to get that a lot as well, even when I was running Playstation business in the US. Whether it's Youtube or you know just other websites, and you know obviously the gaming world has a tendancy of really enjoying that. And I've come to also look at it from the perspective of you know that's really creative so I enjoy some of the stuff that folks have done. I like to think that the visibility that I get is not a visibility of me personally but in fact a representation of the visibility that Sony gets worldwide so I'm more positive about it."

It's not a very long interview, but here it is:


So feel good GAF about all those Kaz gifs and pics. Kaz is watching and loves your work! :)
He nailed it when he mentioned that the gifs of him are actually a representation of how the gamers and those who share in the joy of these great gifs and photoshopped jpegs perceive Sony. Kaz is the face of Sony and GAFfers have only reinforced that notion.