Killzone 3 stand alone multiplayer on US PSN next week (All maps, free w/ level cap)

Wow, Sony actually has a good idea for a change. Just wish I could cleanse my mind of the foulness that was Killzone 3's crap SP. A shame KZ3's MP was nowhere near as good as KZ2's too. Still, hope to see more of this (I'm looking at you EA).
Does it already unlock if you own Killzone 3? probably not.

The biggest problem with Killzone 3's multiplayer (aside from the horrid map design) is that everything is too fast. Character movement, fire rate on all weapons, everything. If they slowed everything down akin to the speed of Killzone 2 but largely left everything else the same, it would be a much better game.
For a long time, I've thought it would be a great idea to sell the multiplayer components of games as separate, cheaper releases. This is just a baby step, sure, but at least it's a step.
Smart. I haven't played KZ3 yet so I'll give this a shot. Sony would be smart to try and get some sort of similar deal for a relaunch of TF2 on PS3.
Interesting idea, let's see where it goes.

Also, let's see a bunch of posts soon on how KZ3's MP ruined everything.
You prefer KZ3 multi over KZ2? To me it felt like they stripped away the heavy feel from 2 that made it so unique. Now it feels like any other shooter. They also condensed some of the classes and changed the way things unlocked and I didn't particularly care for it. I haven't played after the last few patches though so I'll have to jump in and see how it plays.
Probably so cheap because it's a year old. If this catches on and we see it day 1, i'm guessing the average price will be around $30.
Multiplayer-focused games like this should sell the single player mode at retail for cheap and sell the multiplayer as DLC separately. More money for publishers and developers, less for Gamestop, and it's not like anyone without an internet connection is going to use the multiplayer anyway.

Or just do this.
Where did you hear this? I'm not seeing the new blogcast on the Playstation Blog right now. Or is it from last week's?

Edit: Nevermind, even though it's not on the blog, I guess it's right here
This and the idea of full size PS3 games (Mass Effect 3) being available day and date on PSN is great news. More of this Sony.

Now, if only they were more flexible with some of the pricing they've got going on.
Great idea. Would love to see more of this. And, like others have said, sell games without the multiplayer portion.

E.g. I want to buy Uncharted without the shitty multiplayer, thanks.

That'll never happen though.