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Kratos's Son Possibly Revealed?

I found some interesting news regarding who Kratos's son might be. This is a big "MIGHT" so don't take it as true. His son might be Tyr or Tiwaz.

Tiwaz – ”Tea-waz" – Literally: ”The god, Tyr" – Esoteric: Justice, Sacrifice

Rune of the balance and justice ruled from a higher rationality. The rune of sacrifice of the individual (self) for well-being of the whole (society).

Psi: spiritual warrior, honour, righteousness

Energy: sovereign order, sacrifice, right decision making

Mundane: the rule of law, fairness, peace keeping

Divinations: faith, loyalty, justice, rationality, self-sacrifice, analysis, victory, honesty, even-handedness; or mental paralysis, over analysis, over-sacrifice, injustice, imbalance, defeat, tyranny.

The boy has a Tyr symbol on his arm clear as day.

You can see others runes that reads "Strong Arm".

The rune can be seen again as a icon during gameplay. It's probably the icon you can command him to do certain things.
There's a single button dedicated to your son, and its use depends on the context. He becomes an active participant in combat, traversal, exploration, and puzzle-solving.

Tyr was the Norse God of War who's arm was bitten off by Fenrir.
The dreadful wolf Fenrir was only a pup, but he was growing quickly. The gods feared for their lives, so they endeavored to tie up Fenrir in fetters from which he couldn't escape. When Fenrir laid eyes on the chain that would eventually bind him, he was suspicious, and declared that he would only allow the gods to put it around him if one of them would stick an arm in his mouth as a pledge of good faith. Only Tyr was willing to do so. When the wolf found himself unable to break free, he bit off Tyr's arm.

If Tyr is the son of Kratos then that would have to make Kratos Hymir the father of Tyr because I don't see Kratos being Odin in this world.

We find two seemingly conflicting statements in the lore regarding the parentage of Týr, the one-handed god. In the Prose Edda, Snorri Sturluson informs us that Tyr is the son of Odin, while in the Eddic poem Hymiskviða, we are told that Tyr is the son of the giant Hymir.
Now in the end Kratos's son might not be Tyr at all but why does his son has a Tyr rune on his arm and it's present on the screen as a icon in gameplay? What connection does his son have with Tyr if he is not him?

Could it be him?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPNLuUUqixc at 22:43
Special thanks to Ilyas
Wow that detective work by OP, bravo/

Have we hit the 15million views yet on the trailer? I remember them promising new info if we hit it.


I still don't like the idea of "press X to son", but I'm waiting and giving it the benefit of the doubt until more gameplay is out.


I love when gaming communities does stuff like this. Just got me more excited too
I love it when games are detailed enough to offer depth like this. That's why I used to love the modern Assassin's Creed plot so much until Ubisoft decided to drive that into the ground in a spectacular fashion.
Great investigation. I wish this game wasn't related to God of War.

In what way specifically? Everything about this game seems like a complete refresh for the series. Is it just the name? I'm not trying to be a dick, I'm just curious.

Edit: I should probably add something on topic. That's really cool nice work, that would also work for setting up the kid as a protagonist in the future if they want to go down that route.
According to Wikipedia:

In the late Icelandic Eddas, Týr is portrayed, alternately, as the son of Odin (Prose Edda) or of Hymir (Poetic Edda), while the origins of his name and his possible relationship to Tuisto (see Tacitus' Germania) suggest he was once considered the father of the gods and head of the pantheon, since his name is ultimately cognate to that of *Dyeus (cf. Dyaus), the reconstructed chief deity in Indo-European religion. It is assumed that Tîwaz was overtaken in popularity and in authority by both Odin and Thor at some point during the Migration Age, as Odin shares his role as God of war.[citation needed]
Týr is a god of war and will take mead, meat and blood for sacrifice. If a warrior carved the rune Tîwaz on his weapon he would be dedicating it to Týr and strengthen the outcome of a battle to be in his favor. Tiw was equated with Mars in the interpretatio germanica. Tuesday is in fact "Tīw's Day" (also in Alemannic Zischtig from zîes tag), translating dies Martis.

So Kratos could feasibly be either Odin or Hymir. Both him and Odin are seen as gods of war in Norse mythology too.
Eh? For some reason I thought he was his son to begin with.

Hmm I need to brush up on my God Of War knowledge, is this a reboot by any means?


Better and more interesting question is who the mother is IMO, as it wouldn't shock me if that played a central role in the game.

She has to be divine right? I can't see Kratos fathering a child with a mortal woman.


Ask me about the moon landing or the temperature at which jet fuel burns. You may be surprised at what you learn.
It might not happen in the first game of this Norse trilogy because his arm was bittin off as an adult. So maybe in the third game when he's fully grown? Or maybe Cory will tell a different story.

They're probably gonna go the Last of Us route and kill off Kratos in the prologue.


Better and more interesting question is who the mother is IMO, as it wouldn't shock me if that played a central role in the game.

She has to be divine right? I can't see Kratos fathering a child with a mortal woman.

I think it'd make more sense if she was a mere mortal, no? Kratos trying to escape immortality, becoming savage to the point of inhumanity, and only a mere Norse mortal woman managed to get to his heart...

She died after giving birth to his son...


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For you, the day Kratos graced your village was the most important day of your life. But for me, it was Tyr's day


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Was it confirmed whether Tyr was Kratos' biological son or adopted when Kratos met Tyr's mother?

I thought it was going to be the latter.
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