Mario Party: The Top 100 announced

3DS game. Compilation of the best 100 minigames from all ten releases.

Supports download play. Arrives November 10 in NA. Will add more deets as they are available.


January 2018 for EU.

Updates on included games:

56 out of 100 confirmed:


Researched by PixlPlume and SlimKirby (known for Mario Party playthroughs on YouTube). They can pretty much recognize any minigame with almost only one pixel available, so yeah.
This was an awesome surprise. Really hyped for this, it's a great idea, there's a ton of phenomenal minigames (all 100 could easily be excellent, depending on their choices), and it's long overdue given how many entries there are.
Couldve been one my Christmas gaming party choices for the Switch oh well.

Instead January 2018 for 3ds, multiplayer fun sucked out of xmas this year thanks Nintendo
Can you imagine just being able to hand off joy cons to people and being able to play this anywhere? It would be the perfect pick up and play party game. But nope. Nintendo gonna Nintendo.

Stat Flow

He gonna cry in the car
Nintendo, why the fuck aren't you rewarding people who jumped back in with the Switch? I haven't owned and enjoyed a Nintendo console since the GameCube, and I'm sure there are many others like me. I don't do handheld gaming... the opportunities to bring your audience of happy Switch owners some of the good stuff they missed are ripe for the picking.


Great idea, though.