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Mark your calendars! The Order 1886 press preview embargo lifts on Feb 18th


Junior Member
Jun 13, 2013
This game reminds me of Heavenly Sword. Game that had everything amazing but gameplay dragged it down.

So far game looks amazing but i fear in the end it will be just go kill warewolfs, defend this position and so on. And that studio never did any tps to beggin with so my fears are in right place.

I would love to see order being mariage of tps and adventure game, maybe some roleplaying with multiple choices...

everyone liked their gow games it seems. It seems like a talented group of devs that has taken its time rising up to a AAA game on consoles (not just put together just for the game) so they should have decent chemistry etc. Finally theyve even talked about how they are trying to incorportate their melee expertise and adding those aspects to the game. that and in general the positive insider leaks makes me confident this will be a good game. Will it be UC2 ? Unlikely ? That game is the first one which took the whole game as a movie movie as a game concept and tackled it well. The next Gears? Who knows graphically maybe it will be the step forward. I'm not a xbox person so i cant personally speak for the gameplay impact it had.

Yeah its a TPS, so was last of us .. I think it'll be good. Will it be the second coming of jesus. Nope doubt it.


Mar 5, 2011
I find this kind of funny.

Tough titties, this game has nudged them into the big leagues now.


Junior Member
Jun 13, 2013
Tough titties, this game has nudged them into the big leagues now.

I think sony deciding apart from a couple of trailers for infamous clamping down on everything from driveclub videos to not accounding what ssm mm etc are working etc combined with the expectations the ps4 and its drought have created is whats pushing this game's expectations. :). Well I guess thats good? New IP new studio might as well get as much buzz as they can.

Although I hope sony have some aquisition plans already. Cause if this takes off RAD's cost is going to skyrocket.


May 27, 2013
This game reminds me of Heavenly Sword. Game that had everything amazing but gameplay dragged it down.

So far game looks amazing but i fear in the end it will be just go kill warewolfs, defend this position and so on. And that studio never did any tps to beggin with so my fears are in right place.

I would love to see order being mariage of tps and adventure game, maybe some roleplaying with multiple choices...

How can a game that hasn't even demonstrated gameplay yet , remind you of Heavely Sword ?


Dec 3, 2013
Could you name a few of the leaks that were spot on?

I am not into all that leaked stuff that i could give exact example. But you can ask the GAF Community what he leaked and how credible he is. Famousmortimier backs him up a lot too. Believe me he is credible. Just ask hardcore Gaffer


Jun 1, 2013
Parts Unknown
This game reminds me of Heavenly Sword. Game that had everything amazing but gameplay dragged it down.

So far game looks amazing but i fear in the end it will be just go kill warewolfs, defend this position and so on. And that studio never did any tps to beggin with so my fears are in right place.

I would love to see order being mariage of tps and adventure game, maybe some roleplaying with multiple choices...
Ready at Dawn has some Naughty Dog guys in their team.
And all games they have made were really good.
So I fear nothing ;)

Yes but this so called "Insider" had a lot of leaks that were spot on ! He is very credible and he is a really good guy .
There were no leaks all. He just repeats stuff he heard in some interviews, or he makes some assumptions, which are either logical or can't be denied later on. They're no real "news" or "leaks". He simply knows nothing.
But whatever! Follow/listen him. I will keep laughing.

Famousmortimier backs him up a lot too. Believe me he is credible. Just ask hardcore Gaffer
Don't start with this. They're are nice tag-team in what they "do". Backing each other up. I'm sure they're enjoying this.... But enough of this. It's off-topic.


Dec 28, 2012
I'm going to bottle the excitement I have now and release it all in two weeks. I might need to climb a mountain and shout off a cliff or something waiting that long.


Dec 9, 2006
So Ru confirmed once again, its singleplayer-only, and we controll only Galahad. No coop.


Console Market Analyst
Jun 9, 2004
Viv, might not want to post the whole article....

Single player, no co-op. Squad commands may be possible, but will reveal at later date.
This war rages for hundreds of years. Future titles could jump around the timeline.
Linear world.
Main enemies are the Half Breed. Human/Werewolf hybrids.
Triangle conflict between Half Breeds, commoners, and Aristocrats?
Physics and material destruction lead to dynamic cover system.
Shooting metal can reveal new ways to advance through environments.
Shooting clothing on a line will result in realistic particles flying through the area. All create a believable world.
When asked about which type of gamers this title will attract, they say three things distinguish the Order. Immersion. Varied gameplay. They hate cutscene-action-cutscene gameplay.
The world and everything that happens in it play a major role. And finally, combat system. Combining science and fantasy, but always grounded in what was happening at the time with incredible inventors and inventions.
Different guns for different situations, they didn’t want to allow the gamer access to all the weapons at once.
When asked about melee, they seem to talk about cinematic fighting, a new approach, new twist. Studied many fight sequences to replicate power and impact. Object interaction plays a role in fighting.
1080p/30fps. Not aiming for 60fps, given focus on effects.


Nov 10, 2013
I can't wait to see all tears because The Order will be just TPS with more cutscenes.

And how and why would that bring you any joy, unless you are a fanboy? I never understand people with this frame of thinking. It's a third person action shooter. One of which we know very little about aside from the graphics and some of the back story. How do you expect it to play? like a platformer? puzzle game?

If you go into every game with expectations like that you will never enjoy a game. Maybe gaming is not for you.

I'm just expecting a technically and graphically impressive next gen third person action shooter with a good story made by a team with whose other games provided me with alot of fun. If this game's quality is as high as those other games and as fun then I'm all good. you can come here and smile to yourself while everyone else is enjoying the game.
Feb 27, 2013
via google translate

Recently, the editors had the opportunity Ru Weerasuriya , to interview the head of the well-known Sony Studios Ready at Dawn in a detailed telephone interview about his new PS4 -only project " The Order 1886 " . With PLAY3.DE he talked about the beginnings of the development , the brand new physics system , astonishingly real weapons, the performance of the PS4 and hidden Easter eggs ...

The Order 1886 PS4 Playstation 4 Screenshot

play3.de : Who has the last few weeks and months, the availability of information to " The Order 1886 " followed , often asked this question: What is the genre of the new PS4- exclusive title is ever settled ?
Ru : The title is a third-person action game for single player .

play3.de : In the first overview documents that you have provided to us , but there is talk of a total of four protagonists. If it was not a co-op mode obvious ?
Ru : The reason to focus on a squad of four characters is obvious: With " The Order 1886 " We want to establish a new brand with its own heroes and personalities. Nevertheless : The player itself controls the time being only one of them : Gallahan .

play3.de : According to them it is nevertheless very often as a group go. Is it therefore possible to his colleagues to giving orders , that is to influence their actions directly ?
Ru : That is something that we will probably discuss at a later date . Probably when we present the press for the first time a fully playable level . Currently , there are definitely a pronounced " camaraderie " between the characters , based on how they play and how they interact with each other . However, we can not say anything more about specific gameplay mechanics at this time.

play3.de : The desired mix of London , mystery and monsters is already quite fascinating. How did it all actually began ? Has the team sat together over a beer in a bar and then came the idea?
Ru : Strictly speaking, there have been several so-called kick-off points with which it all began . The story , the substantive conditions and the idea of ​​how the world is built , these are all things to which I have already in 2005 , written in 2006 little story. At that time there were but mainly ideas for a brand, not necessarily specifically a game.

It was more about creating an entire world and to start thinking about how this world is made up : What was the past of this world? What were the origins of this world? What the drastic events that shaped them ? And of course : What is the history of this world different from ours ? Then , sometime in 2009 , in 2010 , after I had written numerous stories and have long been brooding over these ideas, we began to discuss the game mechanics for a title with which we had at that time been experimenting for some time. Well, and then eventually came to the point where both projects were, flowed together . The story and the brand began to influence the basic idea of this game , we had designed as a shooter in the Victorian period . Much comes but certainly also the fact that I 'm a real history freak. I love history and she has always been a true guarantor of the most mysterious and incredible stories .

play3.de : The player will therefore always find actual references to the Victorian era ?
Ru : Absolutely. Nevertheless, one must not forget: " The Order 1886 " is just a window that lets the viewer look at the events of this world in this very time . The raging in this world war shall take place for centuries.

play3.de : That is but at the same time that many other games such as " The Order 1912" in this universe would be possible?
Ru : Yes . I myself would someday come to the point that we reach a point where we could theoretically tell every year in this alternate timeline a story. Priority but it should be a story that you can continue especially dynamic.

The Order 1886 PS4 Playstation 4 Screenshot

play3.de : How exactly do you have to imagine at that time, the representation of London? Roamed the player an open world or he fights from area to area such as in " Uncharted 3 " ?
Ru : Our game experiences have always been " level out " . We have debated whether a more modular , not to say open world makes sense, then decided against it. To tell a truly stunning story and entrain the players, you have to follow my opinion a linear approach.

play3.de : In the first " What 's all about " documents is talk of centuries past events that made the world to what it is now. If the player these past events also witness ?

Ru : In " The Order 1886 " we will first times to do one : a credible background for the story stake , witnessed the Gallahan . However, in the game itself classic leaps in time are not an issue . In the foreground is clearly the conflict between the three groups in 1886. The main fight is between the people and the so-called "Half Breed" , sort of a cross between human and werewolf. In the crossfire of these rivalries but are increasingly the various layers of the prevailing society. The mob , for example, knows that he has to sit against the Halfbreed to fight back. At the same time he does not want to be dictated to by the aristocrats , what he has to do and can be . This results in a force triangle , which has many parallels to our world. Our world is never just black and white, but always gray. In the game as well as want no scenario where good and evil are clearly separated , but also gray will always play a crucial role.

play3.de : According to their accompanying information object interaction plays an important role for the gameplay. What exactly is meant by that?

Ru : Very happy yet . Take, for example, the cover system . It is so sophisticated that you can not simply destroy covers but even targeted can shoot holes in this - the other , of course, also can use it to their advantage. Or, as a second example the interaction with metals : the player can deform things made ​​of metal, which probably can not be change in other games. A possible result : Suddenly gaps and ways to do the level design, through which the player can assume . Or take the example of substances : If you shoot on clothing or the like , parts of it much more realistic to fly through the area than you would expect from a " rigid body" physics system is used to. The resulting world is much more realistic over. For us very important: All of this is not the essential feature of the game . Nevertheless, the physics system ensures that you can dive into a very believable world .

The Order 1886 PS4 Playstation 4 Screenshot

play3.de : Would such a sophisticated physics simulation also on Playstation 3 is technically possible ?
Ru : We actually have not tried. We currently work exclusively on the PlayStation 4 Our jetztige technology - although always designed for cross-platform - primarily aims at PlayStation 4 projects. Today all I can therefore say anything yet. But clearly , if there is a possibility to take over the physics system to other platforms , we would use this course .

play3.de : Your team did a fantastic reputation in the handheld sector. First and foremost , of course, by the two " God of War " Part for PSP. Consequently, the question naturally arises : Do something to join " The Order" with the mobile world? The Vita as a second screen maybe?
Ru : Interesting question. When we started to work on this project , we knew about much of what we are doing and what the platform is (ie the PS4 ) may not even know. Nevertheless, the cellular connectivity is for me personally one of the most interesting features of the platform , especially the connection between PS4 and Vita . Internally, we have talked about and already collected cool ideas could interact as both devices together . To weave these ideas even further , nonetheless poses a danger to the actual game experience to lose focus of what we do not want. We have explored also the possibilities of the new Playstation Eye Camera: In this context worth mentioning. The possibilities are endless here. Our gameplay but does not bind the camera at this time a .

play3.de : Speaking of game experience. If you were to ask someone post the top Veraufsargumenten of " The Order 1886 " - how would you respond ? Why, for example, should interest a " God of War " fan for this game , which is scheduled for fall 2014?
Ru : I think at the end of the day there are three things that distinguish " The Order" . At the forefront is certainly the immersion. In short, we want challenges players . " Moment to moment" - Gamplay We call this All passages are extremely varied. You will have the feeling to witness the match live , rather than , as so often just to watch. You know, this typical game structure in which you look at a cutscene , then a bit daddelt and soon again shimmers next cutscene on the small screen . Exactly this process we do not want. With us, all of these elements merge miteinander.Zweitens : The world and everything that happens in it play a major role.

The Order 1886 PS4 Playstation 4 Screenshot

And finally , of course, the combat system , weapons , and everything that goes with it . We have these mistaken ideas cocktail of science and fantasy , which already makes alone dealing with individual weapons into a real eye-opener . Long we studied , for example, the then dominant weapon systems to them eventually impose our very a stamp . Nikola Tesla , for example, has a lot of research at that time , just as Alfred Nobel and many others. It was the time of many incredible inventors and inventions. And now to the consideration we said, Okay, these are the things that it actually existed. But how much longer it takes to make the status quo just a tad bit crazy ? However, without getting too on the Sci-Fi rail.
The result can be seen in our armory. The weapons are supposed to be cool , but also credible. The Thermite -Gun Fires about thermite , which can then ignite the player . The Arc- Gun fires from electric shocks , to name just one example . A and O in the weapons design : All reasoning amplifier available for selection must differ dramatically not only as the better version of something else feel . The player should make intelligent decisions and not one that we impose upon him. Why we do not allow him to always carry all the weapons - which would also be unrealistic.

play3.de : And the melee system?
Ru : In terms of melee , we work on different gameplay levels. The classic QuickTime reaction tests as we walk off easily and thus giving them a whole new twist. The other levels we try to level , with the aim of creating a cinematic possible end result. For example, we have a ton of studying fight sequences in films to replicate this important sense of power and hardness. As another level, we something like " intuition " to a combat system - unfortunately I can not tell you more about this . And clearly , the object interaction with the environment will play a role in fighting.

play3.de : The new console generation raises happy with slogans such as 1080p and 60 frames per second around. Sorry, could not reach these ambitious goals each launch title . Where you sit on ?
Ru : Currently we do not aim at 60 frames per second. In a first person shooter that makes sure sense. Also Fighting games are undoubtedly predestined for 60 frames . But for us the cinematic experience is in the foreground - presented in full HD 1080p speak . In favor of spectacular effects and the highest resolution but we restrict ourselves to liquid 30 frames per second.

The Order 1886 PS4 Playstation 4 Screenshot

play3.de : Mark Cerny, the architect of the Playstation 4 , spoke some time ago in a very worth listening to lecture by noticeably reduced development times on PS4 compared to PS3 and PS3 era. Would you agree with that?
Ru : Yes, when it comes to working with the PS4 as a platform , I would definitely agree. It's easier than on PS3 and so far has already made a lot of fun . The barrier ever cope first with the platform is definitely lower. However Regarding the creation of the game itself , is the reality : Until the actual game experience - not really matter what platform - really ignites , it takes so stupid as it may sound , just the time it just takes . Can calculate Really not that. Sometimes good game mechanics take years to perfect it . Nevertheless, we are satisfied with the high-reso PS4 - more than with any other platform before.

play3.de : Can you perhaps be more specific? High computing power, XXL memory, faster graphics chip , great controllers , social media networking - for which you are especially grateful to Sony ?
Ru : The beauty of it all is not a single component , but rather the total package. When you put together the system , Sony gained an incredible amount of feedback from developers around the world to account for as many wishes as possible. In addition, Sony has designed the PS4 very future-oriented. The beginnings of " The Order 1886 " to port of our PC-based technology on PS4 , at that time was a breeze. No comparison to PSP and PS3 times ! We always had this time the needs of developers in mind - this is I think the Joker , the Sony can play now . For example , a regular dialogue between us and Mark Cerny's team. And yes, you have listened fantastic! Not only the Sony's teams out there, but pretty much all the other major studios also .

play3.de : Ok, now butter by the fishes . Can you tell our readers something to " The Order" reveal what was not yet revealed.
Ru : Hehe, nice try . We hear this question quite often actually . Unfortunately, we are bound to embargo by the manufacturer. But believe us , there will be plenty of occasions, in detail about " The Order" to chat .

play3.de : Thank you for the interview and good luck continues with " The Order 1886 "