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The Steam equivalent of the drunk friend who keeps offering to pay your tab all night.
yeah no shit. I was watching Kevin Smith reaction to the Punisher trailer for example and he goes "I know its horrible but that trailer made me want to have a gun man!" and even tho he's like half joking, the whole trailer is basically gun porn, with reload sounds queued to the song. Not to mention how violent it is.

I didnt press the matter earlier but I was honestly scratching my head at people earlier "lol why would they change it because of the Vegas thing", like really?


semen stains the mountaintops
Yeeeeeah, that's so obviously green screened there's no way that's what's in the movie. I think it was just used to make the ad feel more coherent.
I'd hope the first trailer one is the final shot and not that one 'cus, like you said, it's obviously green screened.
I don't need reviews to know if I'm going to see Thor Ragnarock, I'm seeing it regardless it being the biggest piece of shit since Age of Ultron, and that's putting it lightly.
What happened to them. Damn.
Well, people like Bronson Lee, George Bluth II, Inferno (who is now in our Discord) and probably around 20 members got banned yesterday. One of them don’t feel like returning after his 3-month ban, and another got perma-banned.

Does Hulu release their original series all at once or is it weekly?
They do all at once, but like with The Handmaid’s Tale, they will release Runaways weekly.

There’s 4.5 hours till the Agents of Shield NYCC panel. We will likely learn what the season will be about.