Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite announced (PC/XB1/PS4, 2017) [Update: Info In OP]


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Feb 15, 2012
Im way more excited about UMVC3 PC then MVCI.

No assists is a huge turnoff. It's simply not marvel without assists.(And yes i realize the vs series existed without assists before. But the fact is the series have involved from that. Removing assists is just a step back.)

But a pc version of UMVC3?? Mods baby!! The Mods!! Make Hsien-Ko and Felicia viable!! Make hidden missiles go away on hit. Fix astral vision. Tone down xf3 and you got a brand new game worthy of another 5 years!

I'll clearly play MVCI but the potential for a modded UMVC3 interests me way more. Project M proves a community that loves it's game can do anything and if there's any community that rivals smash it's Mahvel!

As far as people believing this will get delayed and wont hit in 2017 i wouldn't worry about it. No matter what capcom pr says please believe Marvel has a deadline this game has to be out and all signs point to that being by the end of 2017. Infinity war is in 2018 and this game will most definitely have characters Marvel wants to promote before infinity war hits.