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Massive FTC Leak: Mid Gen Xbox Hardware, Series S/X Refreshes, New Controller, and Game Plans!


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That's too bad refresh is only digital. Got too many physical disks (mostly Xbox OG and 360, but not only that) to upgrade.

Also can't wait to see Fallout 3 and Oblivion remakes/remasters/whatever.

Edit: Oh damn, missed Ghostwire Tokyo sequel. That's great news, I actually liked the first game. And of course Dishonored 3 will be great to see (just don't Redfall it).
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Where’s the email about Phil Spencer wanting to buy Valve AND Nintendo? Pretty huge they have the cash and ability and could absolutely do it.

The Valve one is more realistic than Nintendo.

Time to get Salty GPU friends.


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Looks like just it’s a digital only refresh in a new shell, double the SSD space and energy savings. Same power. Hard pass.

Best feature is double the storage space. So forget about those overpriced Seagate cards.


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Ew. A next-gen console based around combining local client and cloud? My internet sometimes goes out, Microsoft. Please don’t make a cloud-based console in any fashion.

But man, these FTC leaks are absolutely wild. That new controller looks pretty cool, though.
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now thats some pants down leak, great stuff
they are idiots if they don’t make that a pro refresh
and hope the controller isn’t some 250$ elite bullshit
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