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Media Create Sales: Week 26, 2015 (Jun 22 - Jun 28)

Ni no did 1.4m worldwide DS+PS3. The DS version did 600k in Japan, which leaves the PS3 total at 800k; the game did around 200k in Japan, which leaves 600k units in Western markets. I wonder whether they could have increased the total volume of sales by releasing the DS version abroad, given how jRPGs performed over here on the platform.

That figure is old - it's 1.7m worldwide, 1.1m on PS3. Probably a bit higher now too:



Then why were they having such trouble securing the funds for ZE3?

Because Virtue's Last Reward sold less than 999 despite being on two platform and having a much higher budget (fully voiced, detailled 3d models, some 3d cutscenes, cost of developing on two different platforms...) than 999.

NDS Zero Escape: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors 16,967 / 44,367

3DS Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward 7,890 / 17,913
PSV Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward 6,133 / 15,454

They tried to expand the audience of the series by giving it bigger production values and it failed basically, sales would've probably been pretty similar had they stayed with a simple presentation like 999, and we would've gotten ZE3 years ago already.
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