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Media Create Sales: Week 28, 2015 (Jul 06 - Jul 12)


now I'm sad ;(

The guy was going like "well.. maybe ppl are already happy with their Mario :(" at yesterday's entry (assuming he was looking at his customers in the store). He really didn't point to any particular game but Yoshi fits to the best in this week.


If there's any bump, it will be in week 30. The holiday was Monday 20th. And it's not that big, you should expect a 1-2k increase at best.

If Splatoon has any chance to sell over 30k, that would be Obon (week 33).

We shall see, looking at the trends I expect it to do 30k much sooner than you are anticipating


Media Create:

PS4 24,266
New3DS LL 19,432
Vita 13,190
Wii U 11,028
New3DS 5,437
PS3 2,947
3DS 1,376
3DS LL 726
Vita TV 618
Xbox One 242

Yoshi): 31k
Famitsu ranking is up: http://www.famitsu.com/biz/ranking/

3DS: 27k
PS4: 22k
PSV: 13k
WIU: 12k

Batman: 48k
Yoshi: 34k

YWB: 225k / 913k
DSG: 23k / 160k
Splatoon: 23k / 465k
FE if: 22k / 478k
RH+: 20k / 352k

YWB did incredibly well for a second week following such a big debut - next week is a million seller. Splatoon increased a little wrt previous week.


Two copies sold? That's not a bomb guys, stop trolling!!!
...I don't think Batman could give such a huge boost alone to PS4. What else happened? Did the Prime Day influence that much?


He's a pretty swell guy in my books anyway.
I wonder if DGS is at least selling according to Capcom's expectations if it's selling what they shipped already. I hope so, Takumi needs to make the sequel at least from the sounds of it. Though I do wonder if Capcom's even going to localize this.


Media Create Maven
It's had unspectacular ratings so far. Pretty much just replacing the show that preceded it, Dragon Ball Kai: The Final Chapter.

Well the show has had 0 fights so far and just comic relief. I'm not surprised that the ratings are just ok now.
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