Mega Man 11 Announced for ( Switch, PS4, XB1) Late 2018


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Feels 10 years too late.

We didn't get a proper Mega Man game during the PS3/360 era and this game don't look much better.
I love megaman so any new game in almost any series makes me happy. But the trailer looked ...flat? Like little was going on. Still, there is 1 year more of development!
Well it's something at least. Would have preferred ZX3 or a Megaman Zero prequel but those are about as likely as Bloodborne on Switch.
Like this is the third new classic Megaman game, when are the others gonna get a sequel (or a new spinoff)?! It sucks for me because even though my first Megaman was the first Gameboy game and even I drew fanart when I was a little kid I still prefer all the other series over classic MM (Never played Star Force so that would be the only exception). I might play it but I just hope that after this one the next new game isn't MM 12 >_>.
Looks like Megaman with updated visuals. Not seeing anything to complain about yet.

Looks like something which would perfectly fit on Vita.
As a Vita fan from way back, get yourself a Switch ASAP if you don't own one yet. It's not as portable, but it's worth the extra size/weight. Playing Doom 2016 on a plane was one of the most memorable gaming experiences I've had lately,
Looks great. Really glad we're getting another Mega Man game. Good to see Capcom still has the capacity to surprise us in a good way every so often.
Not a fan of the run animation at first glance but otherwise I think it looks decent. Great to see Mega Man return too (even if I'd still rather have a completely new 3D (non-Legends) reboot with a Mario Odyssey style budget and cartoony 3D look...)

That 2D "HD" sprite look shown during the stream that the lead graphical designer contemplated during planning would have be cool too though. Perhaps cooler than what we ended up with.
Goddamn is it ugly. Still, at least they aren't doing NES graphics again. It's hilarious that MM7 and MM8 will probably continue to be the best looking MM games until the end of human history.
I actually really liked the look of that. I assumed we were going to get 3D art instead of awesome pixel art, and it doesn't look terrible. Kinda on par with Maverick Hunter X from the PSP.

Anyways, I'm in. Mighty No.9 just didn't fill the void left by real MM.
I think I like the looks of this, although it does seem to have that slightly generic sheen to it’s aesthetic. Is this being made with Unity?
Doesn't look too bad, although the animation looks a bit janky still. Pretty hopeful this will be good, and I am thankful a Switch version isnt left out this time.
Looks great but not sure how I feel in regards to how floaty it looks and some of the art. Some animations looked off ( the eyes on the spiked disc boss. )

After seeing how Nintendo handled a 3D model of Mega Man I'm still wishing Nintendo took a stab at it.
looks beautiful. really logical progression for 2D mega man thats not 8bit style.

pretty much looks like how i imagined MN9 to turn out....but didnt

don't think this should be have been MM11 though, would have been a perfect time for a reboot or subseries under the franchise name.

just give me the mega man physics and level design i know and i'm in
I for one am really excited about this. Mega Man with updated graphics? What’s not to like?! The run animation could use a little tinkering, but other than that I await with excitement.