Mega Man 11 Announced for ( Switch, PS4, XB1) Late 2018

I'm just thankful it does not look like Megaman: Powered Up. I like the art-style, but hopefully they improve animations and such for the final product. The run animation is a bit strange-looking, as others have mentioned.
It looks like they took their stage design cues from the NES era what with all those big-ass blocks and tiles. Kind of clashes with the 3D aesthetic.

And yes that run animation is doofy as hell.


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Looks pretty good. Megaman seems to move a bit too slowly, but we'll see how it turns out in the end. Looking forward to it :)
Is it so hard to replicate the mm8 look and make it in hd? The game feels kinda slow too, dunno if its just the trailer though. Still a new MM is better than no Megaman
The power where Mega Man calls down stone blocks looks legit! Can't wait to see the other powers. I wonder what the boss he receives it from will be called. Brickman?
ridin that sonic mania nostalgia train aye
This would have been in the works before SM was announced.

Looks not bad. Hope it's not Inticreates though.
It's probably not.

The animations look still kinda jank. I hope it is still a work in progress.
Release is still a year away.

I think I like the looks of this, although it does seem to have that slightly generic sheen to it’s aesthetic. Is this being made with Unity?
That's a silly question. The art direction has got little to do what engine it is on.
Perhaps it will be an okay game, but the visuals are a serious letdown for me. Really wanted to see the 8-bit look stay, after it had returned for 9/10. This *looks* like a cleaner MN9 in my eyes.

Had it been called Mega Man Returns, Mega Man Recharged, or something else that separated it from other games, the new graphics approach admittedly wouldn’t have bothered me as much— but adding 11 to the title creates expectations from me, and this doesn’t meet those expectations.
Looks really promising, I'm really hyped. I love the visuals, but I'd improve Mega Man's animations a bit.

They did a great dev diary video to announce the game, and the trailer (including the long retro 30th anniversary intro) was awesome.

Can't wait to see more stuff of this game. Sadly we'll have to wait 1 year for the release.