Megaman Legends 3 axed; Capcom blames fans/goes insane, [Fans Start Support Group]

Jan 7, 2009

A revival effort has started in hopes of reversing the cancellation of Megaman Legends 3, or at the very least considering the release of the finished Prologue Chapter to gauge sales. If you wish to support it, please head to this facebook page and hit like. As of writing, it has grown to 26,000 likes, but we need more help. Our hopes are to reach 100,000 in support:

100,000 Strong to bring back MML3!

There are also efforts worldwide to reverse this decision, including Japan's newly created fan page and twitter account fighting for the cause, you can find them here:

Japanese fan support site.
"DASH once more" twitter feed

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Let's show Capcom interest as directly as we can: on their own community site:

Check here or follow the instructions below

Come on show them that you care and want them to make MML3. Become a Servbot! DON'T JUST CLICK "LIKE" ON FACEBOOK!

1) Click this Link.

2) Click Register

3) Click Facebook

4) Fill out birth date

5) Click Accept

6) Click the Green Plus Mark that will add you to the DevRoom

7) Then the box above it "Become a Servbot."

The numbers here were why it (Mega Man Legends 3) was originally canceled.

After you join the Dev Room as a Servbot you are then permitted to sign the ONLY Capcom recognized Petition for Mega Man Legends 3 here.

If you can get your 25,000+ people to all bring up the official headcount in support of the game and sign the petition to bring back the prototype.

"Capcom looked at the number of members registered in the MML3 DevRoom as the official number of units they could anticipate to sell if they green-lighted the title for Full Development. The game was never authorized for full time development because the numbers in North America were less than 4500. Which with development costs it was deemed Financially Unacceptable to release the title.

HOWEVER, The DevTeam convinced them to leave the North American Development room on Capcom-Unity open in an effort to try and generate enough members to change their minds. Also inside the DevRoom is the Official Petition to release the prototype of the game and continue development of the game on a FULL SCALE."
Even if you scoff at the idea of an internet petition, or Capcom giving any fucks about it, please still consider supporting it. This is most likely the last chance the Legends series will ever have of being made. The decade-long wait for this game all comes down to this effort, so please consider giving a hand. This vibrant, charming open-world action rpg deserves one last chance and a proper long awaited ending.


Original post:
This is the thread I never wished to see or make, but it happened. Legends 3 is cancelled.

We'd like to thank you for your ongoing loyal support of Mega Man Legends 3. Today, however, we must regrettably announce the discontinuation of this project.
Unfortunately it was not felt that the Mega Man Legends 3 Project met the required criteria, and it is with regret that we must announce that the Mega Man Legends 3 Project has been cancelled, meaning that Capcom will not be releasing the Prototype or the full game. Additionally, updates of the Mega Man Legends Developer Room will cease as of today, though the North American Developer Room and its forums will remain open indefinitely.
I knew it was a huge possibility, but still, fuck this shit. I have no words, just deep sadness.


ShockingAlberto said:

it's a shame the fans didn't want to get more involved :-( if we saw there was an audience for MML3 people might change minds
That's the ticket

blame the fans

This is clearly brilliant PR
Update 2:

autobzooty said:
I was mildly excited for MML3. I wasn't gonna hype it up ahead of time or whatever, but I was going to buy it when it came out. I didn't even know this "devroom" thing even friggin existed. I would say that the majority of the would-be consumers of MML3 fall into the same category as me. Capcom acts like the sales of the game are 1:1 with people who retweet their stupid updates or something.

Glad to know for future reference that I'm responsible for releasing Capcom's games.

edit: wtf is even going on anymore :lol!/CapcomEuro/status/93954893798326272

can't believe they're sarcastically responding to the fallout from this. is anyone awake at that company?
Anteater said:
Krev said:
Apparently Capcom agrees:

Ahoi-Brause said:
Negator said:
Well, I guess the mystery is over. Some fucks were given this day?

Anteater said:
Hey guys, he was just blaming capcom!

Ahoi-Brause said:
Jun 13, 2004
Toronto, Canada
Was the second game like, the second coming or something? Because I can't imagine getting angry about this based on the legacy of the first game. I thought it was unilaterally considered a dismal failure.


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May 8, 2009
This is one of those situations where I have to laugh or I'll cry.

On another note, this was one of the only third party 3DS games I was interested in. Not a good sign for the platform.
Dec 5, 2008
I want to laugh but I'd feel really shitty if they started making Viewtiful Joe 3 and cancelled it, so I'll be nice.

The game was probably going to be shit anyway, though.
Apr 15, 2011
Magnus said:
Was the second game like, the second coming or something? Because I can't imagine getting angry about this based on the legacy of the first game. I thought it was unilaterally considered a dismal failure.
I think that's half because it NEEDED analog control, half because it's not what people were looking for in a Mega Man at all (discrete stages, beating bosses and taking their powers). Taken on its own it was a very good game that the sequel largely improved upon.

... I can't think of very much coming from Capcom in the near future I even care about now. Not when stuff like this gets canned and AAI2 is passed for localization. They could've at least released the Prototype, especially since that's probably a better barometer of performance than people voting in polls or registering for the Devroom.
Dec 12, 2010
DragonKnight said:
So should nintendo be worried about the 3DS now? I think another project from another developer got canned as well.
This game was never given the green light for development. It is hardly a nail in the 3DS coffin.

Sucks they couldn't even deliver the charged demo for it. Would have given us something to play instead of nothing.