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Nov 5, 2016
One Big Room, Full Of Bad Bitches

I've been trying to install the May 2020 Update for Windows 10 since it arrived on May 27, still to no avail. Now almost a week later, I'm seeing the same seemingly worrying message suggesting my PC is not compatible with the latest feature upgrade. If you are too, don't be alarmed—Microsoft is taking a conservative approach to rolling out its latest major update.

The May 2020 Update (formerly known as 20H1) is the first of two big upgrades for Windows 10 that are scheduled to arrive this year. It has already begun arriving on some PCs, then sometime in the fall, the 20H2 update will be released.

As with past releases, Microsoft isn't pushing it out to every PC at the same time. It's not clear exactly how many PCs are able to install it right now, or what the initial criteria is, but it appears to be a fairly widespread phenomenon. Several of my colleagues here at PC Gamer are in the same boat.
You don't have enough teradoots.