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Rodent Whores
Jun 26, 2007
Best Coast
Addressing some of your other points that I missed:

Natural Selection does not work if it varies drastically and unexplainably between species.
I don' t know what you mean by this.

It requires small changes take place, repeatedly across large numbers of generations. Each small change must grant the bearer an advantage, to ensure that more of their children survive than those of the unchanged individuals within the species.
None of those are "required" or are a "must". If a change in an organism increases fitness, it increases fitness. If it doesn't, it doesn't. Simple as that.

Thus a species which has a generation every 30 years cannot evolve faster than a species which has a generation every 3 months.
Yes it can. If a population has no particularly strong selective pressure on it, then it will be relatively unchanged. If a population has a strong selective pressure applied to it, it will change rapidly (e.g. dogs, pigs, cows, watermelons, banana, corn, broccoli, etc)
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Aug 20, 2019
I feel like this needs a little more visibility. People should understand the people they’re posting with, and treat them accordingly.

He edited of course. Only pretending

The edit seemed to occur after being called out on Gaf.

Thanks for summoning me to the dark lands of GAF politics.

Taysan has been one of the most prominent two-faced people on Era. It's a long, long history from before he started posting on here. He just follows the mob and his opinion is that of the mob and when that opinion changes so does his. He's one of those agreeable people in life (and you should seriously avoid them if you can) who you absolutely cannot trust as they only say whatever the most popular opinion is at the time because they have no spine and avoid any conflict at all costs.

Put it this way, if the US was actually occupied by real Nazi forces Taysan would be a collaborator because it's the path of least resistance and "The Nazis are legally in charge now" and he'd be swinging from a lampost once the occupation ended.

Having a GAF account does not give him diplomatic immunity, he's not a "Nice guy". He's being his fake agreeable self and will turn on any fucker here if their name was brought up on Resetera. I'm sure if anyone cared to post-dive his 10K posts on Era you'd find one slagging off EL.
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Nov 21, 2014
I feel like this needs a little more visibility. People should understand the people they’re posting with, and treat them accordingly.

The edit seemed to occur after being called out on Gaf.
Oh I said that waaaay back. Months and months ago but nobody listened. I wish that I can find my post


Oct 31, 2018
Yeah it does.

This is a reason why a species would hold onto a vestigial wing - because it helps the species propagate, and/or it doesn't hurt them.

What you then said as a followup is basically, "Okay, but how did the squirrel get to where it is NOW?"

The answer to that would be, "Presumably, by a similar process".

Flaps of skin. Are they that uncommon to mammals? Not really. Consider this.

For some reason, a given population of squirrels has a very slight amount of extra skin between their limbs, probably due to some random mutation. It doesn't give them an evolutionary advantage, but it doesn't hurt them either, so the trait persists over time.

Eventually, over time, over enough generations and mutations, some squirrels have slightly larger flaps, and some have slightly smaller flaps, all within a given distribution of genetic probability. None of this matters because it still doesn't affect the survivability of squirrels or the passing on of their genes.

Until it does.

Maybe some squirrels eventually see large flaps as sexually desirable and thus squirrels with bigger flaps are more likely to mate (e.g. peacocks).
Maybe some squirrels are better able to keep themselves cool due to more blood vessels in their flaps exposed to the air like a radiator, and thus more of them survive and mate (e.g. Asian vs African elephants)
Maybe the larger flaps confer some sort of slight boost in jumping and gliding ability, and thus more of them survive and mate (e.g. flying squirrels)

Whatever the reason, there was some evolutionary pressure for the flaps to get bigger and bigger, because that's what happened. Just because you don't know or can't imagine what the reason was, doesn't mean there wasn't a reason.

That doesn't matter. As long as there is no pressure to kill that trait from a population, then it will still persist and change too. There is both positive and negative selective pressure.

Yes it does. If some unique trait makes a certain segment of a population breed more successfully and pass on its genes, then that trait will be passed on. If having the trait means you're less likely to live or mate, then that trait dies out. It happens. This is an observed phenomenon. A trait that is present in modern flying squirrels didn't always necessarily have to have fit the use that it holds today. Like I explained earlier, there are many possible reasons why a flap of skin might turn out to be useful, which would lead to selective pressure to make it bigger, which leads to those squirrels eventually using it for other purposes like gliding, at which point there are more selective pressures applied to that specific use too.
We should probably take it to PMs, since we're the only two in on the action. Good discussion that I'm sure we could talk around for days. :messenger_heart:

Sorry metaGAF for the derail!

Helios Helios I approve the solid 40K reference. :messenger_beermugs:


Jul 21, 2016

A more polite version of Elektro Demon.
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Mar 6, 2005
I think they tried.

found it..

I like it.. the jabs are funny.

Ok watched ep1 and the pilot. In the pilot it seems like they were trying to say being a caveman was like being black in a white society. But in ep1 it seemed like it was reversed and being a caveman was like trying to stick with other whites in a diverse society. Maybe i'm reading it wrong?

Either way it was doomed with the slippery subject matter.
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Mar 6, 2005
Not a fan, mad world brings to mind that depressing song, clown world was apt and widely used. At least they didn't shut the thread down but I don't understand the change at all, I saw EL's explanation.
Black Riffle Coffee threaten to pull ads...... maybe didn't happen exactly like that or at all
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