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Metal Gear Solid V release date - 2/24/15? (From Reddit! Take w/ grain of salt.)


Though this date doesn't appear to be accurate, there is new Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain information coming via Kojima Station at 6 AM EST on Christmas day!

Kojima Station - Episode 31

Kojima Station (KojiSta)


There's a great chance we get a release date announcement during the show. A "special guest" will make an appearance, as well.






Original post:


I work at a popular retail store as their inventory manager. I always check to see if the date changes periodically and it was always 12/31/2014. Today it switched and i think I cracked the code.


Fellow member asked for separate thread. It's happening?


Not even one chance. I just don't believe the preorder hype train would get rolling so late. When was the last time a release date was announced so close to release for any AAA game (excluding Nintendo's recent practices)?


Sounds like placeholder date
Placeholder dates are typically always the end of a fiscal quarter though, 12/31 is the end of Q4, but 2/24/15 seems oddly specific for a retailer placeholder date.

I still think it's a placeholder, it's just odd whenever retailers don't use the end of a fiscal quarter as the placeholder.


If I ever post something in Japanese which I don't understand, please BAN me.
No. If it was out in February, they would have announced the release date well before now.

Rumors say they will announce the release date next week on December 25 on the new Kojima Station.
Yeah, there's no way it's releasing that soon without them having already announced the release date. I'm thinking probably a Q3/Q4 release. May would probably be the absolute earliest we'd get this but even that is highly unlikely.
If Konami knows what they're doing, they will put Ground Zeroes up on PS+ and Xbox Live Gold just before Phantom Pain comes out. That exposure.


I think there's probably more chance of that date meaning the 2nd of the 24th month of 2015 which would be Christmas 2016.


They would have announced it earlier if this was the date. Kojima always plays his releases by the book, no nonsense.
It's one of the most anticipated games of the year, Konami aren't going to announce it so close to release like that. Keep dreaming.
Logistics of marketing and getting such a huge AAA game out there on the market so soon mean this is nigh on impossible.

BUT...BUT... lets say this were to happen. Lets play the worst version of Devil's Advocate.

I reckon this could be the In Rainbows of games launches. Not in terms of spectacle - Double Fine already did that with Broken Age - but in terms of a launch.

We knew Radiohead were working on a new album at the time, we just didn't know when (or what it was titled, but that bit is moot as we already know MGS5's subtitle). But then it announced In Rainbows and said it'd be out in ten days. A digital pay what you like version launched ten days later, with a CD version coming at the end of December 2007 (with a limited edition discbox for fans at the start of December).

IF - and it's a big IF - any publisher attempted this for a AAA game (lets say in this instance, Konami), they would have to give no later than a two-week notice (IMO).

But as I said, the logisitcs of marketing and getting game discs to retail means this'll never happen.

Unless... digital first, disc a month or two later ala In Rainbows?

I must have missed the "lack of marketing!" The game has had three half-hour presentations in the past six months alone, and has been showcased at every major event over the course of the past two years. #TeamBatzi
You´re all wrong. It´s not February 24th, it´s the second of the 24th month of 2015. Sometimes.....


I think there's probably more chance of that date meaning the 2nd of the 24th month of 2015 which would be Christmas 2016.


This seems more plausible than previous "leaked" release dates since it actually falls on a Tuesday unlike most of the others.


If I ever post something in Japanese which I don't understand, please BAN me.
- VGAs 2012 phantom pain by 'moby dick studios' a Swedish company
- kojima having the Swedish words for the 22nd and the 6th on his t-shirt at the TGAs
- The 22nd chapter of Herman Melvilles 6th book 'Moby Dick' is called "Merry Christmas"
- perhaps rather than hinting a 22nd of June release date he is hinting that a release date could be given on Christmas Day.

New Kojima station on Christmas Day - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AbskLUQZDM


COMING = 6 letters
1+9+8+4 = 22

The Bible = Christmas?


Kojima said at TGS the game is "nearing completion".

Ground Zeroes DLC thingy said "Early 2015"

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