Microsoft making at least four new IPs

No it is not a rule GOW/Halo/Forza/Fable are beautiful but MS can not rely only on the sequel as it has done since 2009.
5/6 new exclusive IP AAA are needed and I hope to see them on the next xbox.
Looks like there's at least 4 on the way (posted here recently):
So that's...

1) Something new from Black Tusk
2) Something new from Microsoft Victoria
3) Something new from Rare
4) Something new from Lionhead
Sounds like bigger news to me, MS looking into releasing their games through Steam?
Or maybe looking at how Steam works and making that their new Store + DLC policy. PC gamers love them some Steam, so borrowing from that would make the best sense for MS.
Reading the first 11-12 posts I've come to realize that there's lots of Microsoft hate on this board.
And then you realized that they brought it on themselves with their actions (or lack of!) in the last few years. You can't blame anyone at all for being skeptical. If they bring the goods people will be quiet.
Hard to gauge what caliber these 4 ips are based of that. They all could be Kinect titles as joked here, or xbla, or legitimate AAA ip. Probably a mix of everything, 1 AAA, 2 Kinect, 1 xbla. Book it.

Although remember when Star Wars Kinect was supposed to be a big deal to Microsoft? So who knows really.