Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition |OT| Big Third Party Support From Microsoft

I linked to a pic I put on Twitter, cos that's where our bloody Switch images go now, annoyingly. Miiverse was happy to display images on this forum, but not Twitter, nooo. Thanks Nintendo. ;)

It's not much anyway, just this:

Thank you so much, Was able to fish out a Rod with mending,unbreaking and lure. Also a bow with mending just looking for a book or pickaxe and shovel to complete my set.

Is there any downside to switching the option so you don't lose your items when you die?
They're not rare in the other console versions I've played, but neither of my Switch seeds seem to have one (though they both have two Woodland Mansions apiece).

I ended up curing a villager and he is now a prisoner until I can find another one.

I am near a dungeon spawn point so every night I get to slaughter several zombies. I just need one more zombie villager and I'll create my own Village.

I did some reading and the chances of spawning a zombie villager are 5% or less. So I'll be here a while.

My recommendation? Fishing.

Craft yourself a rod, find a pond, and fish. It sounds silly, but the reason is you will be fishing up some amazing things. For example, books like this:

Once you have a Mending book, make a mine and dig down to around layer 10. Then strip-mine and find diamonds. Use those diamonds to make a mining pick, then apply the Mending enchant to it using an anvil. You'll be set for life.

But seriously, I cannot stress how good fishing is. I've found bows from there with loads of enchants on, a whole swathe of different enchanting books, and you get a boatload of exp.

Work your way up to having a rod that has Lure 3, Luck of the Sea, and Mending on.
I will follow this advice! I completely forgot about the fishing rod and enhancing it.
Just downloaded and sunk about 2 hours into it. It's much better than the vita version and plays about the same as the PS4 Version. Not found villagers yet which is a shame. Hopefully I'll get some founds soon.
Just bought the switch version.

Controls great
Fluid as hell

Draw distance is meh on handheld but that's ok

When the ps4 version came out I bought it for the vita version. Was so disappointed about the vita version.

Overall I don't regret spending 30 on it. It's a fine port.
Woah, the New Minecraft tutorial lets you build and upload worlds into the game - https://news.microsoft.com/en-gb/2017/11/14/new-minecraft-tutorial-lets-build-upload-worlds-game/

Minecraft fans can create levels and play them in the Education Edition for the first time as part of a new tutorial from Microsoft.
A Hero's Journey has been released to coincide with Hour of Code, a global initiative aimed at encouraging more people to get into computer programming.
The free Minecraft tutorial features a new character called the Agent, and gives players 12 challenges that teach core coding concepts such as loops – a sequence of instructions that is continually repeated until a certain condition is reached – debugging – removing errors from the program – and functions – reusable code that performs a function. It also contains popular objects such as Redstone and pistons.
For the first time, players can upload the last level in A Hero's Journey to Minecraft: Education Edition and see their work come to life in the game. Using the Code Builder extension for Minecraft, they can then continue to work on their creations in a larger version of the game.