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Movie quotes you're guilty of using in real life


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Sometimes when something fucks up like six times in a row, I'll say "so you have chosen PAIN," before I throw/delete/dismantle/divorce/2Days whatever the offending object is.

Aytch bee yew?


I'd fuck me

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So when people say quite commonly "your joking?" I always reply with

"No if I where joking id say a horse walks into a bar and the barman says hey why the long face"

From Hotshots.

Sorry for tiktok, only video I could find of this comedic masterpiece of a line.
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hide your water-based mammals
She's a tight ass, she's a sadist
Jew money lover
We're going downtown
She has a great asssssss!
Take your bag and leave my house


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In a movie where Danny Devito was a circus performer or something he said the phrase... ''If you're an important figure, people can wait for you.''

Then I applied that phrase with a Professor from the University of Medicine who was my teacher... I arrived 25 minutes late...

And I received a reprimand, while I was calmly walking innocently with the phrase in mind😂😂😂


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Pulp Fiction's breakfast scene planted seeds in my mind. Quite a few I've either said or thought of saying over the years.

"I'm sorry, did I break your concentration?"
"This is a tasty burger"
"Tasty beverage"
Calling someone "Flock of Seagulls"

Snatch is a source of plenty, but the first one that comes to mind is "No thank you Turkish, I'm sweet enough"

There's also a couple from this 8 second clip:
I remember a while back I said "so shines a good deed in a weary world" after someone did something nice. Sadly, nobody got the reference. Not that it was originally a movie reference, just like many of the great lines from that movie.

"You lose! Good day sir! I said good day!" is another great line.
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Ace ventura africa mission, when he park the jeep and he say parcheggio perfietto (perfect parking in english i guess), i use it when i have a very small space to park the car.

I use other stuff inside forums like the smell of napalm in the morning but not in real life.


Pretty much anything from CaddyShack:

“Na na na na na na na”

“You do drugs, Danny?” (I have a brother-in-law named Dan who also loves the movie.

”Cinderella story, he’s coming from nowhere…”


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I'd fuck me

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Dude you might be kidding but there was a time when teenager me and my friends would try to surprise each other at parties with the "buffalo bill dance", tucked penis and all.
Whenever you see a friend with his back turned to you there was a chance he'd hit you with it.
I don't know what was so goddam funny about it but i almost died laughing a few time seeing a friend get buffalo billed, or even getting buffalo billed myself.

Anyway to answer the question, teenager me tried to use lines of movie i found extremely cool irl, such as "I could become a regular" when entering a bar, or almost anything out of Fear and Laughing in Las Vegas. It was never as cool as in those movies of course, so i stopped.

But the very best quote to use is from Braveheart :
While talking to a male friend, say (in a Scottish accent) : "First learn to use this" and show his genitals, "then i teach you to use... this" and show your genitals. Never fails.


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So many quotes from phantom thread

Response to wife after any slight inconvenience:

"Is this an ambush? Are you sent here to ruin my evening? And possibly my entire life?"
"I really wish I hadn't heard this until later on, It's very unsettling."
"It's entirely too much movement for breakfast"

there's just so many good quotes in this movie. Cracks my wife up 😊
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