Naughty Dog receives 120 PS4 dev kits

They're making a MMO aren't they

Or something something persistent online world
But how??????

They don't have access to the infinite power the cloud!

I do want to know how big that studio is. I thought they had like two 60 person teams. I need to find some time to play the whole uncharted series. I tried 1 and it wasn't my type of game, but I need to try it again. Im going to borrow Last of Us from a friend soon. Id love to see an update like this from Santa Monica as well.

BTW, ND, please use these kits to make a Legacy of Kain please, or give HD remakes to the whole Soul Reaver Series. Thanks.
120 MORE* dev kits. How many did they have to begin with.

They are making a MMO or something I bet. A living world Uncharted, or TLoU.
I know that Nate Wells mentioned on GameTrailers that he was tinkering around with one after they finished TLoU. This was when most of the TLoU team had left on their vacation.