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Staff NeoGAF Ban Review/Justice Project


Nov 21, 2014
I’m laughing out loud, for real. :D

Btw. You may or may not care. But, you can see your username and email in that pic. Just a heads up.
Glad you are!

Username is fine but the email I don't know. Thanks for the heads up mate! <3
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Rodent Whores
Jun 26, 2007
Best Coast
If you have no notifications for replies to watched threads, what is even the use of watching threads?
To add to that, I also have it set where any thread I post in automatically makes it a watched thread. That way I can more easily keep track of which threads I posted in, but it does generate a lot of watched threads, so I turn of watched thread replies to reduce notification clutter.

If I want to keep tabs on an important but not often bumped thread, I'll use the forum bookmark function for that, or make a bookmark in my browser.