An Interview with David Jaffe

David Jaffe is the Creative Director at Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc, Santa Monica Studios, and was able to sit down with us and talk about how he got his start in the industry, his projects, and his opinions about next-gen. Several of the questions asked were originally posed by NeoGAF users in this thread back in October.

This interview is uncensored, so if you're sensitive to occasionally rough language or you're playing loudly at work you have been warned. There is also a God of War spoiler within, so skip from 34:47 to 35:00 if that is a problem.

Download the audio interview (mp3 format, 62 minutes)
Some select highlights:

Being Hazed as a QA N00b

Thoughts on Working With Notable Developers

His Own Way of Game Design

Solution to Rising Development Costs

What David is Watching on TV

Boozin' at the Playboy Mansion

PSP has Games?

Calling All Cars

Project HL

One Console Nation/Future

Franchise He Would Like to Work On

Message for NeoGAFfers

Back story:

David Jaffe and I had been working on this forever, and we had some miscommunication along the way. Initially, I was thinking e-mail was best since I work during the day, but he was saying over the phone was way better because of time. We had set a date, and unfortunately, he was under the weather. So, of course, you want someone to be healthy, and a week later, he dropped me a line and you hear the results.

David Jaffe's stuff is largely unedited. Only my voice has been cut down cause I know you don't want to hear me fumbling along. David was on the phone with me for over an hour on his cell beginning at 9PM PST, so that alone is much appreciated. This was recorded off Skype via HotRecorder, and Hyoushi did a lot of touch ups to the sound (who also does a lot of editing for the GAFcasts.)
Jun 19, 2004
I am downloading this just to hear about one thing. Is he with Jason Rubin in the sense that outsourcing to china for reducing dev costs? With all the possibilities in reducing dev costs i would hope that no one else has similar ideas.
Jun 19, 2004
WasabiKing said:
That suggestion wasn't discussed.
Regardless, he doesnt seem to be the kind of guy that would be into that. Great interview :)

Though from his answers, he is the perfect guy for Sony since they are about the experience of games and he is about events and how to wrap gameplay around it.

Though if you have another chance to talk to him I got a sort of philosophical question for him:

Does he think that the gap between devs and gamers are widening, as in do devs have any idea if gamers of all kinds will like it? If so what does he think is the best way to counter this problem.


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May 30, 2004
Petrarca said:
cool thanks

to the mods, any chance of giving my privilege to post new thread back? thanks I promise I won't post anymore stupid suff
Not the appropriate place to discuss.
Nov 26, 2006
Great interview. Way to go getting the HL genre out of him (FPS) :)

I didn't hear anything about the motion controls in there. I would've liked to hear his ideas about it.


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Jun 6, 2004

I don't care what anyone says, but you have the charisma to not care and curse in an interview, it just demonstrates how absolutely down to earth you are.

I laughed my ass of when he said "We're ****ed" in regards to GOW. Hahaha.