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New Crash game is in development by Toys for Bob


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Remakes were perfection. I love the OG character design though. Crash 4 was OK but too hard to find it enjoyable if I'm honest.

I thought Toys for Bob were moved to work on CoD updates? Who has given them the change in direction? I wonder if this was an MS move.
Xbox console exclusive

Multi player could imply a CTR game.

Should be day one on gp to. Lovely

It would be nice if it were a new CTR, but I don't think Toys With Bob have any experience making racing games. It'd have to come from another developer maybe.

As cringe as "get gud" is, sometimes it's exactly what needs to be said. Seems like not a lot of people are good when platforming games require a little bit more input than holding a stick and pressing a button every once in a while. Crash 4 is very fair and polished, a lot more than the trilogy (the bridge levels is just one example), and also not nearly as dated. It is challenging, yes, but it's exactly the type of challenge a seasoned player of platformers can get behind. Getting rewarded for every tiny thing seems also like a weird concept to me.
And how someone can look a mediocrity like Wrath of Cortex, garbage like Crash of the Titans, and unfinished messes like Twinsanity and say those are better than Crash 4, one of the best platformers of the last 10 years, is also beyond me. Whatever I guess, it's just a take among billions, even though this one is almost at the level of Jaffe's Metroid take, especially when you consider that Crash was difficulty from the very start. Just wanted to say that Crash 4 is a fair challenge, and if you suck at it you can either A) "get gud" or B) hope the devs will put in a difficulty setting... oh wait, that's exactly what they did.

Kinda seems like anything that isn't a Soulsborne game gets unfairly judged and criticized for being too difficult. Funny part being, Souls games aren't actually that difficult if you know the exploits and just pace yourself đź‘€

Interesting by the time this comes out it will be a Microsoft game.

Literally in name only, though. It's like saying Deathloop is a Microsoft game; vast majority of development was done without Microsoft prior to the acquisition. I don't think tossing a few dollars in for funding near the end of development suddenly gives funder the "claim" over that game, TBH. You need to be involved with both funding and creative guidance for some significant portion of development for that. Plus even after the acquisition ABK will still be their own publishing label, just operating as a subsidiary under Microsoft Gaming, so the publisher label on the box is going to be ABK.

Stuff like Starfield will be a different matter; I think it'll be a lot more fair to give Microsoft the credit (or blame, depending on how the game shapes out) for that one once it launches, since they'll have been involved in the active development process both providing technical resources (& maybe some creative resources) and funding for at least two years if not longer. So they'll have an active hand in helping determine the final product.
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Mario Kart sells a shitload and has no competition on PS and Xbox platforms.
Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing is a far better racing game than any Mario Kart, but Nintendo sure can sell party games, even when they're posing as racing or fighting games.
Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing is a far better racing game than any Mario Kart, but Nintendo sure can sell party games, even when they're posing as racing or fighting games.
Even if I was to agree, it actually didn't release on PS4, Xbox One, let alone newer consoles. My point was that there's lack of representation from Mario Kart competitors on modern PS and Xbox consoles and I don't think that should be the case. In fact the whole fun pick and play local multiplayer thing has been neglected on such platforms and is probably one of the few things Switch has going for it by contrast.

I don't agree, that said, Mario Kart Wii to which Sonic & Sega All-Stars racing went against... was a hideous entry in the series.


Crash-landers anyone? could toys be making a comeback? then expand to racing and cars. Crash 4 was decent and in good spirit of the original trilogy. The history behind Crash and to a lesser degree Spyro, with Mark Cerny and Universal. It's so bizarre. I'd have to think the Sony of today would have fought harder to purchase these franchises. Gaming needs more 90's Crash.


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Spyro 4, it has to be. Somebody hold me.

Or hey, maybe it's time for the Pandemonium 1 & 2 remake?

Phil, if you're letting Toys For Bob do their thing, let Vicarious Visions out of the cage too so they can do THPS3+4.
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Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing is a far better racing game than any Mario Kart, but Nintendo sure can sell party games, even when they're posing as racing or fighting games.

All-Stars is a great one. Too bad it never got a resolution boost on the newer consoles.
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