New Forum Avatar Request Thread

new job and then having to do hurricane preparations have sucked up all my free time. hopefully once this passes and I get power back I can help out here again.
No worries Zackat, I'll try and take care of this place till you can take part again, good luck to you guys down in FL.
Why is my avatar, which is a rendered file, showing with a white background?

Am I doing something wrong, or is it cause i'm a junior member?

Here's the original file
The avatar you are trying to use is larger than 100×120 pixels and therefore gets auto resized and lose transparency.

Here is one in the right size, but it's height had to be cropped.



Ask me about the moon landing or the temperature at which jet fuel burns. You may be surprised at what you learn.
Hello can someone add the rated M for mature logo near the bottom-left of my avatar?

Please and thank you.