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New Spike VGA Teaser Video For PS3 Exclusive [Troll Levels Approaching Maximum]

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Update 11 (lol):


Update 10:

Update 9:

Update 8:

Wow, sure is a lot of hype here for Kojima's PS3 move zombie FPS co-developed between Epic and Valve.

Only a few more days my friends!


Update 7:

aaTey said:
Guess what? MORE BOOM!

The terror comes from the ants!
There are only two days to the Video Game Awards 2011, the event that, in addition to rewarding games of 2011, will remove the veil of new titles including this new The Last of Us, PlayStation 3 exclusive.
As promised in the podcast, we reveal today the first information about the title being developed by a study in the famous and popular gaming scene.
According come to the office, we will set in the near future, in which, due to a contamination of ants, people will gradually become infected and lead to death while in some other real zombies. They will fall, hit by the infection, the first metropolitan cities of Central America such as Texas and New Mexico, so close the whole quarantine, and then, after an outbreak in the UK, although the United States of America, voice of its President, declare a state of alert.
Which scenario is then for the main character? Imagine being trapped in a world where you are left to themselves, only survivors, a kind of "I Am Legend," for those who have read the book or seen the movie with actor Will Smith. In contrast, however, already known to most of the script, the protagonist tries to save his family, and at the same time try to understand where it comes from this infection.
You will find that in the forests of South America where there are secret installations were performed unauthorized experiments that have plagued the adjacent vegetation, including ants. These little insects assume a particularly aggressive stance much to see in man a form of threat. A similar pattern is present in the book "The Hephaestus plague" which later was made ​​into the movie "Bug, insect of fire", where a colony of insects sticking out of the ground and began to kill the man.
The view should be in first person, just to bring more intensity and emotion to the gameplay.
Below we leave you with two images from the trailer that will be shown at the 2011 Video Game Awards, entirely made ​​in-game.
If anyone speaks fluent italien, here's the link to the original page. We need a proper translation
The auto-translation is pretty much truth to the original. They basically say:

- Set in a near future
- Ants infection people. Some die. Some become zombie.
- Infection hits central america first, like texas and new mexico and then, after a hotbed in UK, they propragate to the rest of US (not sure I understand the dynamic here). US President declares allert status.
- Non.authorized experiments conducted in secret installations in south america are the cause of an infestation that hit vegetation first, and then ants.
- Infected ants are aggressive. Se man as a menace.
- First person view

Update 6:

Teased in Uncharted 3?

Update 5:

New Teaser Screenshot via DemonNite:


Update 4:

Potential studio hint:


Update 3:

New Teaser Video:

Possibly related. >_>


Update 2:

More Keighley Teases:

B_Rik_Schitthaus, I am taking down your name. Let's talk exactly a week from now....

The Gameinformer reveal was way better then 'more fucking zombies, this time with waggle!'


Possibly related:

Empty said:
According to PSM3, SCEA are supposedly hard at work developing an unannounced survival-horror title known as Until Dawn – specific details pertaining to which SCEA studio is actually working on Until Dawn have not been disclosed as of yet.
”Sony haven’t officially announced the game yet, but we saw snippets of it as early as 2009 – back then it flickered for a few seconds in a Move announcement video.”
”Its in development at Sony America and is said to be a more ‘serious’ take on the zombie genre than PSN game Dead Nation. So what do we know now? Well, not much. The brief clip shows characters moving through gloomy rooms by flashlight – which it seems you point around with the Move – with a look of terror on their faces.”

the psm3 rumour makes sense given the teaser imagery.


(the link in the second tweet was a post saying the game had been canned)

The game in question is the flash move horror game we only saw in a few montages prior to the Move launch. Like a certain wizard game (which is still in development), it vanished without a trace.





Now this game was actually never formally announced. However, SCEA trademarked a bunch of names, including "Until Dawn" - sounds like a horror game, no? Well, according to PSM3, "Until Dawn" and the untitled Move horror game are one in the same.

PSM3 did list this as a rumor, so I can't say if Until Dawn is the Move horror title, but President of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios said this horror game still exists. So big Move games like this, and Sorcery are things to hopefully keep the peripheral relevant.


Teaser. Watching now...

Website from the teaser: http://www.lastofus.com/

Here's information about the ant video:


I'm pretty sure this is a video of what's happening in the clip.
Riots, stuff getting wrecked. Disease?

Last of us.

Website also has a short video of ants or some sort of insect. I'm going to assume it's got something to do with disease.
Walking Dead game?


It's a new game from one of the internal studios. I don't see a third-party bothering making a new exclusive.


A Home ad, followed by that cut of shots. Interesting......

If this really is a new IP, it is pretty impressive that it's been kept under wraps this long. Vita involved maybe?


Press - MP1st.com
I'm guessing a L4D compilation or a new Left 4 Dead exclusive for the PS3? That or a new Resident Evil?

I dunno, I just get that vibe...
The teaser site looks like something Valve would prepare.

I haven't got a clue to be honest, haha.

EDIT: Just saw the SCEA thing. Wow, I am confused.


The site is hosted on SCEA servers, so it should be from Sony. And the game seems to be called Last of Us, unless this is just a teaser message. Still, interesting.
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