NFL 2018 |OT| Can we average a page/commercial?

Dec 1, 2017
Houston Texans, as the announcer said have some questions about the turnovers - because they look like a team with a Ton of potential. They are a good team.
Jan 5, 2010
Well, Denver completely shit the bed. 100 yards in penalties? And who's next for the Broncos secondary? Oh it's KC? Good grief.

Ah well, at least as a U of Wyoming alumn it was great to see that Josh Allen played out of his mind today!
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Sep 27, 2014
I heard next year the new rule is if a defender touches the QB in the pocket, it’s an automatic touchdown and, AND an automatic two point conversion. However, a defender can stand in front of the QB and try to distract him and/or attempt to block a thrown ball.

The flags are also in production, and will be ready for the 2021 season. They will apparently be attached to each offensive player and if they have possession of the ball, and a defender yanks a flag loose from the ball carrier’s waist, it counts as a tackle.

Does anyone know what the current ratings are this year?I hope they are dropping because these calls the refs have been making are an insult to the game of football.
Jul 31, 2014
Easily the worst patriots team in a long long time. Sigh Not even close. Couple of guys missing and BB doing his usual "hey let's run the ball for 2 yards at a time for 3-4 weeks until we realise that doesn't work." Of course if he makes it to the Super Bowl, he'll do it again.

Pats had one decent drive all game and it was almost all throws. It seems they are trying to keep Brady and Gronk safe, and that's not working. I know the receiving core is depleted, but throwing is still the better option. Last year it was Gillislee, this year it's Michel getting stuffed in the backfield on 3rd and 1. Every season the same thing. And if they can't win the time of possession then the defense will look really ugly. Expecting 40+ throws in the next game and a blowout at home.
May 9, 2018
Was probably the ugliest game I’ve seen but it was nice to see Mariota come out and look decent despite that elbow injury. Both the Juaguars and Titans have impressive defenses.
May 12, 2007
Is Calvin Ridley really that good or are the Saints just in desperate need of a 2nd CB? I am leaning towards the answer being both. The locker room after Brees juked two defenders for a TD must have been hilarious.
Nov 12, 2009
I was walking through Ybor last night and the place was crawling with steelers fans *puke*

Looks like odds are still very high in the steelers favor. On the bright side, the cowboys and patriots lost. This season started pretty great so far.
Dec 3, 2013
Already two more ridiculous "put a skirt on them" roughness penalties in MNF. Might as well watch tennis.
Miami already lost Hayes for the season because he felt he needed to control his landing on the QB (or be penalized and fined), and tore his knee trying to prevent his weight on him.

William Hayes tears ACL after trying to avoid flag on sack

Fuck the other guys, right? Protect half ass'ed QBs (40% of the league's QBs). Man, imagine the numbers Marino and the other greats would have put up if they had these same rules that pretty much started with Brady and only worsened for defensive pursuits.
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Oct 15, 2007

Week 4 is almost upon us. Without double checking, this appears to be one of the best Thursday night games in awhile. General sports logic says Vikes will play much better than they did against the Bills, but expect Rams to win. Rams looking all the parts of a super team, but Peters probably won’t play.
Nov 20, 2013
Tonight we go to 4-0. Though I do think that -7 spread is pretty crazy. I might drop a little on the Vikings +7 so I won't be so upset if we lose
Jul 26, 2018
I mean, last week was the first time Browns did anything entertaining in two seasons, so give them credit for that.

Just checked the GameCast, looks like last week's Viking capitulation was simply an aberration?