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Nintendo FY22-23 Q1 Earnings report, Hardware 3.43m, LTD 111.08m.

Nintendo's earnings report for the 1st quarter of the fiscal year ending March 31st 2023 has been published, this covers the three month period from April 1st to June 30th 2022. The Nintendo Switch sold 3.43 million units of hardware and 41.41 million units of software bringing lifetime totals to 111.08 million for hardware and 863.59 million for software.

Year over year quarter 1 hardware sales are 22% (1.02 million) down from 4.45 million and software sales are 8% (3.88 million) down from 45.29 million.

Four titles sold over 1 million units this quarter - New releases Nintendo Switch Sports (4.84 million) and Mario Strikers Battle League (1.91 million) plus evergreen title Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (1.49 million) and Kirby and the Forgotten Land (1.88 million).

Nintendo are maintaining their forecast of 21 million hardware units and 210 million software units shipped for the current fiscal year.



Switch Hardware Q1:
Regional Split Q1: Japan 720k, America's 1.27m, Europe 1.11m, Other 330k
Model Variants Q1: Standard 1.32m, Lite 0.59m, Oled 1.52m

Switch Hardware Total: 111.08m
Regional Split Total: Japan 25.95m, America's 43.30m, Europe 28.71m, Other 13.13m
Model Variants Total: Standard 84.77m, Lite 18.99m, Oled 7.32m

Global Shipment History



Switch Software Q1:
Regional Split Q1: Japan 8.07m, America's 17.14m, Europe 11.52m, Other 4.67m
Tie Ratio Q1: 12.07

Switch Software Total: 863.59m
Regional Split Total: Japan 162.43m, America's 386.42m, Europe 249.45m, Other 65.29m
Tie Ratio Total: 7.77

Global Shipment History


Nintendo reports sales data for software charting in the top 10 or that has sold one million or more units within the current fiscal year (from 1 April 2022).

Software Top 10

Total sales followed by sales added to the total in Q1

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: 46.82m + 1.49m

Animal Crossing: 39.38 m + 740k

Smash Bros Ultimate: 28.82m + 650k

Zelda BOTW: 27.14m + 590k

Pokémon Sword/Shield: 24.50m + 230k

Mario Odyssey: 23.93m + 430k

Super Mario Party: 18.06m + 280k

Pokémon BD/SP: 14.79m + 140k

Pokémon Let's Go: 14.66m + 130k

Ring Fit Adventure: 14.54m + 450k

New Releases

Switch Sports:

Mario Strikers Battle League: 1.91m


Kirby ATFL:
4.53m + 1.88m

Million Sellers not updated this Quarter (1st Party)

New Super Mario Bros U:

Splatoon 2: 13.30m

Pokémon Legends Arceus: 12.64m

Luigi Mansion 3: 11.43m

Super Mario 3D World: 9.43m

Super Mario 3D All-Stars: 9.01m

Super Mario Maker 2: 7.15m

Mario Party Superstars: 6.88m

Legend of Zelda LA: 5.49m

Clubhouse Games: 4.22m

Legend of Zelda SS: 3.91m

Mario Tennis Aces: 3.66m

1-2 Switch: 3.45m

Kirby Star Allies: 3.42m

DKC Tropical Freeze: 3.42m

Fire Emblem TH: 3.40m

Paper Mario Origami King: 3.12m

Metroid Dread: 2.90m

New Pokémon Snap!: 2.74m

Yoshi's Crafted World: 2.56m

Arms: 2.56m

Mario Golf Super Rush: 2.35m

Xenoblade Chronicles 2: 2.17m

Octopath Traveller: 2.08m

Pikmin 3 Deluxe: 2.04m

Captain Toad TT: 1.77m

Miitopia: 1.68m

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: 1.60m

Big Brain Academy Brain vs Brain: 1.59m

Xenoblade Chronicles DE: 1.52m

Pokkén Tournament DX: 1.51m

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: 1.31m

Mario Kart Live Home Circuit: 1.27m

Wario Ware Get it Together!: 1.27m

Astral Chain: 1.21m

Game Builder Garage: 1.06m

  • Net sales of 307,460 billion yen
  • Operating profit of 101,647 billion yen
  • Ordinary profit of 166,723 billion yen
  • Total assets of 2,586,214 billion yen
  • Net assets of 2,035,609 billion yen

Quarterly and yearly sales of Nintendo Switch compared to other successful platforms with full data up to FY9.


Fiscal Year - 1st April to 31st March
Quarter 1 - 1st April to 30th June
Quarter 2 - 1st July to 30th September
Quarter 3 - 1st October to 31st December
Quarter 4 - 1st January to 31st March
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Japan's Nintendo Co Ltd said on Wednesday it sold 22% less of its Switch consoles in the April-June quarter than a year earlier, while maintaining its forecast to sell 21 million units in the year through end-March 2023.

First quarter operating profit fell 15% to 101.6 billion yen ($763 million), below analyst estimates.


I really dont understand why animal crossing sells so much.

Its extremely repetitive and i already stop playing. The gameplay feels very outdated to me.

Furthermore the multiplayer function is just atrocious.
It's a life sim game with cute character designs where anyone can jump in. I don't think it's that hard to understand.
Biggest surprise was Switch sports almost selling 5 million in it's opening quarter and the second biggest was Mario strikers getting close to 2 million when everyone and their dog was trashing it for it's barebones content.


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They are doing loads better than pre covid. 2019 vs 2022 is strong. The covid bump in 2020/ 2021 was insane and we are now in a big reset. Going to be an interesting year.


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Switch continues to impress. It’s absolutely crazy that they’re having the best Q1 ever (in FY6) as well, and still little to no price drop.

Not to mention the software sales..
The Simpsons Money GIF

They should use the money to speed up the development of Metroid Prime 4 and BotW2.


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Switch continues to impress. It’s absolutely crazy that they’re having the best Q1 ever (in FY6) as well, and still little to no price drop.

Not to mention the software sales..
The Simpsons Money GIF

They should use the money to speed up the development of Metroid Prime 4 and BotW2.
Wasnt FY4 the best Q1 for Switch hardware?? or am I reading those charts wrong?


Switch has the PS4 in it's sights and is ready to kick it's ass. It will probably take over Gameboy too.

Switch ain't done yet. Still got Pokemon this year and probably another one next year. Of course we are still waiting on BOTW2. Switch will go out with a bang.


Nintendo seems to give revenue generated in USD and EUR

Consolidated net sales in U.S. dollars went from 1.2bn to 0.9bn, YoY
Consolidated net sales in Euros went from 0.5 bn to 0.5 bn, YoY

Alongside the regional splits in yen.
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If declining means still having the best FY6 Q1 ever, then yeah.
It's in decline coming from peak, of course. It is natural.

Nintendo are absolutely killing it and the demand and play time stays strong, I'm playing mine so much and can't wait for the next revision. Playstation 4 gets taken out this year and then switch goes for ps2.

No stopping this train.
I'm afraid that won't happen looking at all the numbers.

Any chance it will touch DS level of numbers?
Doesn't look like it.


I really hope Xeno 3 ends up outselling no effort products like Switch Sports and Mario Strikers, not holding my breath though.
I think Xeno 3 will beat previous episodes and have good word of mouth (because it’s the best JRPG in years imo) but Mario games and Wii Sports sequels are out of reach.
They're incredibly fortunate Covid came along when it did otherwise they'd be getting steamrolled right now. Haven't turned mine on since BOTW.
You have very specific tastes if you haven’t found a single Switch game worth trying for the last five years.


Switch hardware declining?
Yes the peak was in 2020, they're not going v
The Switch actually sold more in Europe this Q1 compared to last year's Q1. This is what happens when Sony and Microsoft barely deliver any consoles.
Nintendo has historically been weaker in Europe than North America and Japan, so makes sense that they have more growth potential there.
Wasnt FY4 the best Q1 for Switch hardware?? or am I reading those charts wrong?
They mean the best FY6 Q1 compared to other platforms.


It'll run the ps2 very close or surpass it slightly. Just announce Mario Kart 9 and watch more of them fly off the shelves!


Pretty impressive.
That's more than Wii U and 3DS combined!
Also those software sales are crazy. They must've made over a billion just from Animal Crossing.


YoY changes using companies currencies

Total gaming revenue marketshare (using USD conversion)

Total gaming revenue (using USD conversion)

Obviously the massive shift in the JPY needs to be accounted for. I will try and generate the FX impact for Nintendo using their USD/EUR revenue numbers above.

Assuming currencies not USD/EUR didn't change.

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Switch hardware declining?
Yes, it has been since Nintendo sold nearly 29 million Switch's in the 2020-21 fiscal year (crazy numbers), last FY they sold 23 million and Nintendo still stand by their forecast of 21 million for the current FY which is very realistic. Switch has peaked and is on the decline but 20 million in a year is still a big number to sell, only a handful of consoles have ever sold that amount in one year.


Switch hardware declining?
Both hardware and operating profits are in decline (double digits decline).
The covid stay at home bubble is ending and Nintendo was the one that could profit the most out of it because the others were busy launching their new systems (among severe shortages) and discontinuing their old ones.
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Always puts a smile on my face. Say what you want about Nintendo, but when the planets align, they just go wild...and that's good. Contrary to a behemoth like MS, they have nothing to fall back on, so it is great to see them thrive in this industry. The numbers are healthy, the Switch might very well topple the PS2 as the best selling platform yet...
My only concern is how they will negotiate the post-Switch cycle. I trust them, however, to come up with something that will be highly appealing to most.
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