Nintendo UK leaks the Zelda BotW amiibo release date of March 4th, 2017 (EXAMPLE LINK, read the paragraph to see that it isn't guaranteed)

Initially found on Reddit showing the Archer Link amiibo but with no link (ahem) and just a blurry image, I went to check myself and, sure enough, if you look at any amiibo and look at the "Discover more amiibo" section, it shows you 4 random amiibo, and the BotW ones (so far I've seen the Rider one shown) will show "04/03'2017" as the person on Reddit found. Just seeing them from the main amiibo page or the BotW amiibo pages themselves will only show "2017".

Now the obvious next question is, does this potentially also leak the game's date itself, and most of all, the NX's launch date if BotW is going to be a launch title as was Twilight Princess on Wii? That is not certain. I think it's likely that the amiibo could just launch independently of the game and NX, but a simultaneous launch would be a great idea though.
Early march with BoTW would be a cool date for NX. Really hope BoTW is a launch title, if the reports of a Mario and Pokemon due by the end of 2017 are true, then pushing back Zelda would be too crowded while likely nothing big enough at launch


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Probably a placeholder date that'll get changed once Nintendo announces that the NX is delayed until fall.


4th March is a Saturday so I doubt it's the final/real release date.

Nintendo used to release games on Sunday in America. I don't see why not. They could be doing a Friday American release with a Saturday Japan and Europe release for the NX and Zelda.
btw no need to mindlessly refresh the link to see if the date mentioned is there or not[/IMG
not saying I really think it will be released on that date tho
I seem to recall Nintendo UK store "leaked" dates before. Can't remember if they were correctly.

Sadly I can only recall the slightly similar but also misinformation they wrote about the USB gamecube controller adapter. They initially said it added GCN controller support to vWii.
and their hardware usually drops on Sundays

Their software used to drop on Sundays, too, but then they switched to Friday.

New hardware models switched to Fridays as well, e.g. Hyrule Edition 3DS (Oct 30, 2015), Galaxy-Style 3DS (Sep 2, 2016), Wind Waker HD Wii U (Sep 20, 2013), etc.

It doesn't help that the date is the same as it was for Twilight Princess HD, just exactly a year after.
Day after my birthday. Huh.

Probably nothing, but will be interesting to see what comes if it.

Also, Jesus Christ Nintendo announce the damn NX already.
So March 2017 really is the month for NX..... not the holidays... but March

The 3DS launched in March as well. It's not as preferable as a holiday launch, but the Wii U is dead and the 3DS is still selling, but not at spectacular rates, so they don't really have a choice. By Holiday 2016, they will have the launch games and then some to appeal to customers.
This seems like fairly non-news, we've known for months now that the NX would be launching in March of 2017.
Zelda is "2017" instead of "launch title" or "March".
Could be for a variety of reason like not wanting to delay Zelda for a 3rd time if NX has to be pushed back or if Zelda isn't ready by launch, but I do think they've been planning for it to be a launch title.
Saturday releases, eh? I like having something to look forward to on Friday night after a long week's work.

You know, besides my family and being alive.


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While I believe it's a slip up, and even if it comes from the official websites, we all should've learned today that companies themselves can royally fuck up these kind of details (thanks Namco)...yes, a Saturday release would be highly unusual, especially now that Nintendo releases are on Fridays (hardware, software, amiibos). However, if we suppose March 4th, 2017 is also the NX's release date, there would be a sort-of-fascinating possible scenario: Nintendo has said the platform will be released worldwide in March. Now, what if that launch is simultaneous across all major regions? In that case, a Saturday release would make sense, since that's the day when major software releases and new consoles as a whole are released in Japan.
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