NISA bringing Dragon's Crown (PS3/Vita) to Europe this fall

Am I the only one who read this as "NSA bringing Dragon's Crown..."?

They're everywhere, man.

Always glad to see games coming out for Vita. It's a great system.
Thank you Nisa. I'll wait for Yurop release then. Waiting doesn't bother me much as long as there's an actual announcement for when/if it's coming out.

Although I admit, I have imported Persona 4 Golden. :)
Sorry but no, I mean, they will release it from October to December, when all the AAA games are out and the new consoles too. August is the perfect month to play this game, I will support the European side of things buying the VITA version anyway, but I will play the PS3 version ASAP, that is on august!.
I am grateful. It's going to be worth the wait. I'd probably go digital for this game, unless the artbook that the US is getting happens to be a pre-order bonus over here too (i doubt).
Happy about those news but would have wanted a definite release date as well and some news about the artbook being included or not. Still on the fence about importing ... can anyone recommend a good online import shop for european folks ? I could get it from my national shop but probably without the artbook.

Pie and Beans

Look for me on the local news, I'll be the guy arrested for trying to burn down a Nintendo exec's house.
Already pre-ordered the US copy, sorry. Also announcing a Euro release with the term "Fall" ruffles my jimmys something fierce.
This better come out on Vita on cart in Europe..
I might pass if it doesn't.

I'd like to import the cart really but the thought of having to miss out on the DLC is too painful.

Damnit NISA, take my money!
Better hide your Boobzilla and Thighzilla playthroughs from the missus or frying pan to Smoky's Skull Get!
Nah, she's cool with my boob obsession. I sent her a link to the Senran Kagura trailer yesterday (after I ordered it) and she just rolled her eyes and said it looked right up my street.

I'm going to buy the shit out of this game. I'm going to buy it so hard, I'll still be buying it the next day. I'm going to buy it until my wallet bleeds.