Official April 2008 NPD thread of massive disappointment if you're not Nintendo

Jun 8, 2004
New Jersey
Many. many thanks to NPD for their continued support.
[B]U.S. Video Games Industry - April 2008[/B]						
	April 2007	April 2008		YTD Apr 07	YTD Apr 08	
Video Games	$839 million	$1.23 billion	47.0%	$4.18 billion	$5.47 billion	31.0%
  Video Games Hardware	$339.2 million	$426.2 million	26.0%	$1.62 billion	$1.84 billion	13.0%
  Video Games Software	$389.4 million	$654.7 million	68.0%	$1.97 billion	$2.88 billion	46.0%
  Video Game Accessories	$110.4 million 	$154 million	39.0%	$584.4 million	$750.6 million	29.0%

PlayStation 2	124.4K
PlayStation 3	187.1K
PSP	        192.7K
Xbox 360	       188.0K
Wii	      714.2K
Nintendo DS	414.8K
[B]Top 10 VG Titles - April'08	
360 GTA IV	1.85mm
Wii Mario Kart w/ wheel	1.12mm
PS3 GTA IV	1.00mm
Wii Play	360K
Wii Super Smash Bros. Brawl	326K
PS3 Gran Turismo 5:  Prologue	224K
DS Pokemon Mystery Dungeon:  Explorers of Darkness	202K
DS Pokemon Mystery Dungeon:  Explorers of Time	202K
Wii Guitar Hero III	152K
360 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare	141K
*includes bundles, collector's editions, GOTY editions


Wastes hours checking old Famitsu software data, but that's why we love him.
Feb 11, 2007
Wow..horrible horrible horrible 360 and PS3 numbers. I'm actually in shock. Good GTAIV numbers as expected, but nothing unexpected.

Wii? What to say? Truly amazing. P.S...Wii will most likely pass 360 in the U.S next month.
Mar 10, 2005
#23 It's hard to even care about 360 "outselling" PS3 when both are so low. To all the people saying GTA would help move more PS3s than 360s......oh why bother nothing moved except Nintendo systems.
Apr 26, 2006
I am in shock, wtf.

Those GTAIV numbers are very low. Unless it sells exactly the same units if not more next month (with the full month of course) it will be a sales disappointment and wont reach the sales of the other GTA games.
Jun 7, 2004
Wow, not in the same market indeed. I hope this NPD kills that shit real quick. Nintendo isn't in the same market the way Kia isn't in the same market as Toyota. Nintendo is killing shit and Wii is killing everything, including DS. DS has enjoyed massive sales above 500K for a few months and all of a sudden, drops? Why would 360 and PS3 drop so hard? GTA not a system seller? Sonycowboy is right. This shit is way out woah.
Dec 27, 2005
GTA4 isn't attracting existing PS2 owners into this gen. They are either Wii only or still waiting on price drop.

Man, these numbers are depressing. It's becoming increasingly clear the market can't support two core gamer systems. Going into next gen, I hope Sony and MS join forces. Let it be:

Nintendo=casual and nintendo games

Sony/MS=real games
May 10, 2007
C4Lukins said:
The 360 dominates the PS3 again!!! Holy shit those are terrible numbers for PS3 and 360. GTA4 destroys Next Gen confirmed.
stupidest thing ive read all day. just all of it. not the facts, just the post.

what were people expecting to be the ratio for gta4?
Apr 6, 2007
Washington State
Um... . wow, tell me there is a typo there? No even 200K for the 360 or PS3?

Heck nothing over 200K except for Nintendo. I realize it's only about 5 days or so worth of GTA4 sales, but, still...

I think I get it now. SSMB and Wii Kart.

Not the 2:1 I was thinking for 360 vs PS3 GTA. Nice that it was closer.