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Opera GX, a gaming-focused browser from Opera, is now in Early Access

Bullet Club

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Oct 24, 2017
  • GX Control: You can monitor and limit how much CPU and RAM the browser uses, with both soft (e.g if you're streaming something it might go slightly higher) and hard limits.
  • It has Twitch to tell you when your followed streamers are live (similar to how Opera includes a little side panel for various messaging services)
  • It has "GX Corner", a special page that aggregates gaming news and sales.
  • Special sound effects, designed by the band behind the soundtrack for Gris (which are toggleable)
  • The accent colour is fully customisable, with Razer Chroma support
  • [soon] You'll be able to see videos (e.g walkthroughs, footage and so on), overlaid picture-in-picture over a game you're playing.