Pics that make you laugh |OT9| Finn & shapeshifting dog, but no time for adventures


Aug 26, 2007

You can poop safely here.

If you want to see other people's poop, follow one of these links:

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Pics that make you laugh |OT7| Dank Mr Skeltal
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These are the people with the biggest poops. Point your finger at them and laugh.


1 – Don’t complain about specific posts or posters being shit / unfunny, except if he’s called komplanen.
2 – This thread is shit / unfunny. Talk with FortuneFaded if you’re confused, or deal with it.
3 – No explicit violence or nudity is allowed, except in case of hot Asian girls called Panda Pedinte.
4 – Don’t be a jerk and don’t post gross stuff. G.O.Os are allowed, tho
, but Lilith is not.
5 – Melchs is not that scary. You can pet him. :3
Avixph is dangerous, tho.
6 – Cliff is fine. Don’t worry about the way he looks, and DON’T LET HIM GET CLOSE TO THE WATER! He'll eat a certain frog.

Have fun!

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a lot of my threads involve me fucking up somehow. Perhaps I'm a moron?
Aug 13, 2012
You guys better not get sent back to community. I like participating in these threads but after getting sent down to the minor leagues it got super inside-jokey with like 5, maybe 6 posters doing all the talking.