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Playstation 2 classic “God of War 2” in 4K with Reshade Ray Tracing on the PC


Jun 23, 2013
Meh, i know that people that are into emulation and stuff in PC love upresing games and whatnot but personally i hate games made with assets for a certain resolution being upresed, i think it looks nasty.
Remakes? go for it, remake that shit so it stays palatable for current generations but remasters like this just look nasty in my eyes, even official ones like the FF ones.

The games usually are just made with the tech limitations of the time and the assets reflect that of-course, so when doing shit like this you either expose all the nasty bits previously hidden or you add effects and change assets to make it look better. The love and effort behind mods like this it's cool and all, but i would prefer playing games as close as intended when released.