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PlayStation Allegedly Scaling Back Live Service Focus After Recent Layoffs

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Entire article based on a Resetera post.



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I don’t know where i read this. Maybe it was you who told me but porsche’s best selling and most profitable car is their suv when they released it for a different market than millionaires and billionaires who could afford the 911 Carreras. So yeah, putting all their eggs in one basket is dumb. I wanted them to make multiplayer games but 12 in 3 years and at the expense of single player games? Fuck no.

I think they need to focus on getting games out faster. Not everything needs to be 50 hours long. Make more games like Spider-Man 2. They will sell regardless of how long they are. That way even their aaa games can come out faster at b game budgets.
(It wasnt me who mentioned Porsche)

They got the money to make more games.

As for game length. Thats another issue with gaming. Typically games get bigger over time. More MP modes, maybe open worlds that get bigger and bigger, more cinematics etc.... It's pretty hard for an existing game franchise to get smaller or shorter or else it looks bad. Thats where new games can come in and set their own criteria. And if it means a $40 8 hour game, then hey maybe that works.
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problem is consumer who buys a playstation console expect high fidelity games while have different expectation when they buy a switch.

Different segment of consumers here.
Sony can change that perception you know. If they want people to be more accustomed to lower budget games, just market them more heavily, make them the center of the show.


But the Sony armchair analysts on this forum are always telling us that if Sony doesn't release a bunch of GAAS projects form there first party studios they'll go bankrupt. I swear, these guys care more about Sony making record profits than Sony do themselves, just look at how aggressive these guys get when you complain about Sony abandoning single player games in favour of GAAS games, it's like you insulted their mothers or something.
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