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Playstation game award sales.


Oh demon souls is now $60 🙄
It's $40

Deluxe Edition is $60.29. Wonder if it's worth the extra $20? Thinking of giving it another shot.
No. There's nothing there to justify the price increase, like 95% of "digital delux" editions.

But, the game is totally worth it.

Deathloop is halved in price, is it worth it for the dualsense implementation?
I thought it was a good game. Not sure it warranted all the perfect scores it received, but good. If you've played their other games like Dishonored and Prey, you know what to expect.

Just don't go in expecting a rougelike/rougelite. It's not that. People still seem to be confused about that because of the Groundhog Day storyline.
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Can't believe I bought battlefield a week before launch and I'm yet to play it. If I knew I'd have bought it on this sale.
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